Sounds cool! I love Dom and Dominic!

Y'all do know the... interesting... connotations this name has... sounding similar to a certain word, right?
5 boys born in the USA (2015) were given Dom.
I would never name my child this. I really like it as a nickname for Dominic (it is way better than Nic), but I think it's too short to be an actual name.
Dom means dumb in Dutch.
Dom is also a slang term for the head of a BDSM relationship. I wouldn't recommend using this as a legal name.
People! It's actually short for Dominic. A sort of famous (but nontheless rather sexy) bearer is trans-Atlantic oarsman and polar explorer extraordinaire (as well as former Royal Marine) Dom Mee - could you want more of a man ladies?
This means "cathedral" in German.
I really like this name, but its similarity to 'dumb' in sound troubles me.
It is nice, but not very common as a full name.

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