Awesome :D I like it more than Dominic.
This is not bad...I also like Dominick. A simple K ending is actually pretty cool-looking.
Add Usage: Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, Ukrainian, English (Rare)Script: Доминик (Russian), Домінік (Ukrainian)Pronounced: DAW-mi-nik (German, Swedish), DO-mi-nik (Czech), DAW-mee-neek (Slovak), DO-mee-neek (Hungarian, Finnish), DO-meh-nehg (Danish), DAHM-i-nik (American English), DAWM-i-nik (British English)
Dominik Paris is an Italian athlete in the Alpine Skiing, in the Pyongyang Olympics.
The name Dominik was given to 337 boys born in the US in 2016.
With 17 756 bearers, Dominik is the 50th most common masculine name in Hungary. (01/01/2016).
Hungarian pronunciation: DO-mi-nik.
Dominik is also the Russian form of Dominicus as well as the Ukrainian form of Dominicus. The name is spelled as Доминик in Russia, while it is spelled as Домінік in Ukraine.
Less common than Dominik, but Dominko is a variant used in Croatia.
This is the Croatian form, too. [noted -ed]
The German pronunciation is DO-mi-nik. [noted -ed]
I love this name and I love the meaning. I like it with a "k" better then a "c".
A famous bearer of the name Dominik is the Czech ice hockey goalie Dominik Hašek.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Dominik here:
Popular name in Germany.
Pronounced DAHM-in-eek.

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