Dorota is also in use in Lithuania (a neighbouring country of Poland), where the name has several variants, such as: Darata, Dorata, Doreta, Dorotė and Doroti.

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Dorota Krzysztofek is a Polish glamour model from Szczecin modeling for men's magazines such as CKM. She is known for winning a court battle in 2008–2009 that reasserted a woman's right to sunbathe topless on public beaches in Poland.
Dorota is the name of Blair Waldorf's maid on the hit show Gossip Girl, she is played by actress Zuzanna Szadkowski.
Nicknames? Dora, Doreen, Dorika, Dorinda, Dorina, Dorita, Dotty.
Famous bearers:
Dorota Máchalová is character from fairy-tale "S čerty nejsou žerty". She played by Jaroslava Krettschmerová.
Director Dorota Kedzierzawska, 1 June 1957, Lódz, Poland.
Actress Izabella Dorota Scorupco, 4 June 1970, Bialystok, Poland.
Actress Dorota Kaminska, 7 June 1955, Warszawa, Poland.
Actress Dorota Pomykala, 3 July 1956, Swierklaniec, Poland.
Actress Dorota Stalinska, 1 June 1953, Gdańsk, Poland.
Actress Dorota Segda, 12 February 1966, Kraków, Poland.
Actress Dorota Landowska, 4 July 1968, Starogard Gdański, Poland.
Actress Dorota Nvotová, 27 October 1982, Povážská Bystrica, Czechoslovakia.
Actress Dorota Chotecka, 15 March 1966, Radom, Poland.
Actress Dorota Kwiatkowska, 15 September 1957, Warszawa, Poland.
Dorota is also the Slovak form. [noted -ed]
Nicknames: Dora, Dorka, Dorina, Dorla, Dorit.
In Polish Dorota is pronounced dohr-UH-tah.

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