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I can't decide if I prefer this spelling or Dorothy. Otherwise, both names are pretty and timeless in my opinion.
Even worse than Dorothy.
Taylor Swift released a song called Dorothea on her ninth studio album titled Evermore.
Beautiful name.
Prep your young Dorothea’s (Dorthea’s in my case) as they grow up. They’re going to have to do a lot of interviews about the origins of their name, if they have a namesake, why they aren’t one of the Golden Girls. It is a beautiful name and I feel so happy it’s that I’m approaching 40...Though in all seriousness, ‘Dot’, ‘Dottie’, ‘Dotty’ or any nickname similar is only cute from 0-3 and 75-?! Anything in between is questionable at best and let your Dorthea/Dorothea be the one to decide.
This is a beautiful name. I much prefer it to Dorothy. Quite old fashioned, but not stale or old-ladyish, and very sophisticated and pretty. It also has some cool nicknames: Dora, Dot, Dotty, Dottie, Dolly and Thea. I like that if you put the elements the other way round you get another great name: Theodora! It would be fun to name twins Dorothea and Theodora, although maybe not in real life as the names are a little similar. And they might get called Dolly and Teddy! :P.
D'orothea is a character in Armistad Maupin's "Tales of the City", a model who medically tinted herself to be black although she was really Caucasian so she could get jobs. She apostrophied her name to iconify her "uniqueness".
Dorothea Maria of Anhalt (1574–1617), was the daughter of Joachim Ernest, Prince of Anhalt and his second wife Eleonore.
Dorothea Maria of Saxe-Weimar (1641-1675) was the youngest daughter of Duke William IV of Saxe-Weimar and Eleonore Dorothea of Anhalt-Dessau. She was named after her grandmother Dorothea Maria of Anhalt.
Dorothea von Ertmann (1781-1849) was a German pianist who was most noted for her performance of Beethoven's compositions.
Dorothea Jordan (1761–1816), an Anglo-Irish actress and courtesan, was mistress of the Duke of Clarence, the future King William IV of the United Kingdom, for twenty years. They would have ten illegitimate children.
Dorothea Puente (1929-2011) was an American convicted serial killer.
Dorothea of Denmark (1504–1547) was a Duchess of Prussia by marriage to Duke Albert, Duke of Prussia.
I find this even uglier than Dorothy.
This was the second name of Sophie Dorothea of Württemberg, later Empress Maria Fedorovona (1759 - 1828) of Russia as the second wife of Tsar Paul I (1754 - 1801) and the mother of Tsars Alexander I and Nicholas I. She was named after her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother Sophie Dorothea of Hanover, the mother Frederick the Great.
Dorthea Lauren Allegra Lapkus is an American actress and comedian, best known for portraying Dee Dee in the NBC sitcom Are You There, Chelsea? And Susan Fischer in the Netflix original series Orange Is the New Black. She has also made appearances on such television shows as Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Middle, Hot in Cleveland, and @midnight. She is also known for her many podcast appearances, including Comedy Bang! Bang!, improv4humans, and her own podcast With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus. She was a main cast member on the TBS original sitcom Clipped.
Dorothea Amanda "Dottie" Cannon is a beauty queen from Eagan, Minnesota who has competed in the Miss USA pageant. Cannon was born to Harry & Melodee Trapp Cannon. She has one brother named Samuel. Cannon won the Miss Minnesota USA 2006 title in a state pageant held in Bloomington, Minnesota in late 2006. She had previously placed 2nd runner-up to Miss Minnesota USA 2005. As Miss Minnesota USA, she was a representative of Future Productions. She represented Minnesota in the Miss USA 2006 pageant broadcast live from Baltimore, Maryland in April 2006. Cannon failed to place in the nationally televised pageant, but won the Miss Congeniality award which reflects the respect and admiration of the delegate's peers. In November 2006, she was succeeded by Alla Ilushka as Miss Minnesota USA 2007. Cannon graduated from Eastview High School in 2001 and then pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing Management from the University of St. Thomas. She is currently employed as a Communications Specialist at Target Corporation.
Another variant is Dosithea.
I thought the name Dorothea should be linked to Theodore, since they both mean gift from God, one being the reversal of the other. [noted -ed]
The name Dorothea was given to 37 girls born in the US in 2015.
This name is rather long and fussy but I really love it anyway. I adore the name Theodore for a boy but it's taken in the family- Dorothea for a girl is a compromise I can get behind. Rather than Theodora nicknamed Dora (as in The Explorer- not a big fan of the nickname), which sounds too similar to Theodore anyway, Dorothea with nickname Thea sounds so much prettier! Another reason behind my love for Dorothea is the namesake Dorothea Lange, whom I admire very much.
Dorothea was the full first name of First Doctor (Doctor Who) companion Dodo Chaplet.
The first pronunciation is beautiful, but the second one is awful. I speak English, and I personally would pronounce this dor-o-TAY-a... I don't know how many people would say dor-o-thee-a. I love the name Dorothy, but adding an a just makes it sound bad.
A minor correction: the dates of St. Dorothea of Montau's life were 1347-1394, which would make her 14th century, not 13th century. :) [noted -ed]
Dorothea (1629-1687) was the youngest daughter of King Christian IV of Denmark and his wife Kirsten.
Dorothea (1657-1658) was the daughter of King Frederik III of Denmark and his wife Sophie.
Dorothea (1675-1676) was the daughter of Frederick William, Elector of Brandenburg and Duke of Prussia and his wife Sophie.
Dorothea (1591-1617) was the daughter of Christian I, Elector of Saxony and his wife Sophie.
Dorothea Dix (b. 1802 in Hampden, Maine) was an American activist.
(not to offset a previous post, but she was more than an activist) -- Dorothea Lynde Dix (April 4, 1802 – July 17, 1887) was an American advocate on behalf of the indigent mentally ill who, through a vigorous and sustained program of lobbying state legislatures and the United States Congress, created the first generation of American mental asylums. During the Civil War, she served as a Superintendent of Army Nurses.
Dorothea Church (b. 1922 in Texarkana, Texas) was an American fashion model.
Dorothea Lange (b. 1895 in Hoboken, New Jersey) was an influential American documentary photographer and photojournalist.
Dorothea (1563-1587) was the daughter of Augustus, Elector of Saxony and his wife Anna of Denmark.
Dorothea (1504-1547) was the only daughter of King Frederik I of Denmark and his first wife Anna.
Dorothea was the youngest daughter of King Christian III of Denmark and his wife Dorothea.
Dorothea (1520-1580) was the oldest daughter of King Christian II of Denmark and his wife Isabella.
Dorothea (1504-1547) was the only daughter of King Frederik I of Denmark and his wife Anna.
Dorothea (1528-1575) was also the daughter of King Frederik I of Denmark and his second wife Sophie.
Dorothea Tanning is an American painter/sculptor.
Dorothea Swann is the name of the main female character in Clive Barker's Lord of Illusions.
Dorothea is also commonly pronounced DAWR-thee-ə in the United States.
I think it is a lovely name. It has an "old" feeling to it and I like that. Thea and Dora are great nicknames.
Opera singer Dagmar Pecková and musician Klaus Schiesser have a daughter Dorothea.
Dorothea is the name of a city in Italo Calvino's book, 'Invisible Cities'.
A famous bearer was Dorothea Lange (May 25, 1895 – October 11, 1965) an influential American photographer and photojournalist, best known for her Great Depression photos for the Farm Security Administration. Her most well-known photograph is a picture of Florence Owens Thompson entitled 'Migrant Mother.' She also co-founded 'Aperture,' a quarterly photography magazine based in New York.
This name is definitely growing on me and is becoming a top favorite. I had a relative with the name Dorothy, and this name will forever hold as a treasure in my heart.
Dolley Madison (wife of James Madison) has the nickname Dolley from her actual frist name, Dorothea.
Dorothea Brooke is a protagonist in the novel "Middlemarch" by George Eliot.
I love this name. But we would write Doroteja. The shorter name would be Teja - it is a very popular name.
I'm very fond of this name, and it's high up on my favorites list. I like both Doro and Thea as nicknames.
I'm pretty sure this is the full name of Dora, a princess ghost on 'Danny Phantom' but I'm not fully sure of the spelling. It might be Dorathea.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Dorothea here:

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