Sounds like Dragon but is very pretty!
Also Slovene:
Dragana Mirković is a Serbian pop-folk singer. She is very popular in ex-Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Romania. Mirković is arguably one of the most successful artists from the former Yugoslavia, along with Bosnian singer Lepa Brena.
Coolest name ever. Sounds like a character from a video game.
Also Czech.
The "drag" prefix will get her no end of transvestite ribbings and "Dragana's a drag" is inevitable too! Too close to "Dragon Lady" for my tastes. Why saddle a girl with such a tough name? Very manly and harsh to my ear. I imagine some brigade of the Gestapo or something -- like the Marauding Draganas.
Definitely not the case. I live in Australia and I have never experienced any name calling or any connections with drag queens. "Drag" is not even closely pronounced as the English "drag" which indeed sounds terrible. The name is pronounced Dra-gha-na > "d" as in "doll" and a strong "r" unlike the half-r English people say.

It is not our fault English people are terrible at pronouncing non-English names. Just ask the person with such a name how it is pronounced as any well-mannered person would do and that's that.
Also Slovenian.

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