Not so pretty.
kayisforkeen  10/18/2018
I used to know a girl named Dulcinea (pronounced Doll-Cin-Ay-Ah) and it was never said or written correctly. I must say, personally I found the name rather odd, and would never use it myself.
― Anonymous User  11/8/2015
In Don Quixote, Dulcinea's real name was Aldonza. According to the footnotes on the Edith Grossman translation, "Aldonza, considered to be a common, rustic name, had comic connotations". Don Quixote decided his love interest needed a more dignified name and chose Dulcinea, partly because it resembled her original name (both Aldonza and Dulcinea have the a, l, d, n and s-sound, c and z being pronounced s in Cervantes's time).
― Anonymous User  7/16/2012
The name is pronounced Dul-cin-AY-uh in Tarkio's song "Eva Luna."
chelamarie  2/27/2012
The wife of Ulrich Braeker, author of "The Life Story and Real Adventures of the Poor Man of Toggenburg".
Alexavier  11/8/2011
I think it's a wonderful hopeful name. I am married to an Italian and his family has a tradition of naming the eldest son Michael. I respect that so because my name is Darcy I wanted to find a girls name with Spanish roots should we have a girl this will be her name.
DarcyDolci  8/12/2011
So pretty, but too daring for most parents to use (I say "most" because celebrities can get away with naming their kids anything; and this is WAY better name than "Apple", ugh). I just don't have the balls to use it, myself.
MiYung  6/18/2011
This can be pronounced "dool-thee-NAY-ah" in Castillian Spanish or "dool-see-NAY-ah" in Latin American Spanish. But I've also heard "dol-see-NAY-ah" in the musical "The Man of La Mancha".
gaelruadh19  1/22/2009
Dulcinea is Don Quijote's ideal of a pefect woman, an image he projects onto Aldonza, a common serving maid. She appears in both the novel and the musical Man of la Mancha. Sophia Loren portrayed her in the movie of the musical.
galantine  1/29/2008
Pronounced dul-cin-AY-ah.
galantine  1/29/2008
I could give this name to a horse but never to a child.
― Anonymous User  10/28/2007

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