Many opportunities for some punny fun.
I can't bear to say or look at this name...It's not hard to see why it got such a bad rating.
This name is absolutely garbage there are so many good names out there why would you name your child this? Imagine her classmates when the teacher says "Dye" on the register on the first day of school, she will get tortured. It literally sounds exactly the same as "dir" and that's not a good thing.
And Dyes' sibling would be Live.
Nope. It's a noun and has the same pronunciation as "die".
Was also used on males as a short form of the masculine version of the full name.
Who the hell would name their child 'Die?' different spelling, same pronunciation.

You may as well hate your own child if you give them this 'name'.
I don't like this name. It sounds like the word for changing an object's color, and it looks too close to "die". It sounds like a nickname for Diana, not Dionisia. Besides, Dionisia isn't even an English name.
I'm not even a fan of Di, short form of Diana. But this is literally the English word for changing the color of something: hair dye, tie-dye, etc. And if you call someone this (even for Diana), it sounds like you're telling them to go die. Just my opinion.

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