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This is my middle name. Mine has a variant spelling that is not listed though. As a child I hated it, thought it was an "old lady's name", now I love it! It is not heard often and makes me feel a little bit more unique, especially the way it is spelled (Eyrlene).
sonjagallegos18  3/26/2018
Good Southern name. It's very feminine and pretty- I love the -ene ending on most names. It would be nice if this one made a comeback.
― Anonymous User  5/7/2011
This one sounds like a particularly ugly variant of all the possible old-fashioned redneck America names out there. Ugly and ditzy. Not good.
slight night shiver  4/22/2008
I prefer this spelling of all the feminizations of Earl.
leananshae  12/23/2007
Earlene is also my middle name, and it means strong woman.
Merrie.D  9/7/2007
This is my middle name and was meant, like its meaning here, to represent the feminine form of Earl (my grandfather's name). However, I have since found out that it is a variant of the Irish "Earlean", meaning dedicated.
Kirstie294  4/29/2006

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