Ece means "older sister".
Ece is one of the five sister protagonists in the 2015 Internationally co-produced film 'Mustang'. Her role is played by Elit İşcan.
Proto-Germanic *aiwukiz (“eternal”), from Proto-Indo-European *h₂eyu- (“lifetime”). Cognate with Old Frisian ewich, Old Saxon ēwig, Old High German ēwig, Gothic �������� (ajukdūþs, “eternity”).

İn old English Ece means 'eternal' as well,
Also in turkish it could be used as 'beautiful woman'.
That's funny, I know someone named "Ecce" it is Latin for "Here" (I think). We were actually searching up her name here and instead of "Ecce" we found this, "Ece"! What's funny is that they're both pronounced the same! "Ecce"- e-JEH, "Ece"- e-JE.
Ece Türkoğlu is a Turkish women's football midfielder currently playing in the Turkish Women's First League as captain for Kdz. Ereğlispor with jersey number 10. She was part of the Turkey girls' national U-15 team, and is still a member of the girls' national U-17 and women's national U-19 teams.
It can be pronounced as either AY-jay, like the above poster said, or EH-jeh.
It is pronounced as A-jay without -y letters. :)

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