I love this name precisely because it's the name Eddy chose for herself on Absolutely Fabulous. Such an hilarious, satirical character! It doesn't spoil the name for me at all. It has an elegant sound to it.
Pronounced: E-di-naw. [noted -ed]
There are no towns named Edina in Hungary. [noted -ed] It is possibly the Hungarian form of Edna.
Edina is also used in Bosnia as a feminine form of Edin, a name of Arabic origin.
Neat and smart.
Balogh Edina, Hungarian dancer.
Edina, Minnesota is a Minneapolis suburb.
This is my name, and I like it, but it's really annoying when people try to spell it or pronounce it. It's properly pronounced "Edi-na", but can be pronounced/most people say it, "Eh-deen-a".
Edina Krásová is fictional character from the TV series "Pojišťovna štěstí". She is played by Michaela Ochotská.
Yea, the Ab Fab character, with her repulsive unredeemable hedonistic ways, kind of ruined this beautiful name for me. Sad. Wish they'd used some other name like Hagatrude instead and left this lovely name alone!
If it's any consolation, in the show her birth name was Edwina.
Also used in Slovenia.
It's pronounced (eh-deena).
Edina (Eddie) is the name of Jennifer Saunders' character on the comedy show Absolutely Fabulous.

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