I like how this name looks, it's not bad, it's interesting and also rare. But it feels a little bit more feminine than masculine, but actually I think this would be a good name for both genders, but I feel it's more like a name for a female, something similar like Addison, Madison.
Only think of Thomas Edison. Sounds kind of smart though.
I'm not a fan. It sounds very whiny and miserable to me. Snobby, even.
It's an okay name. I don't care that it's a surname, but I immediately think of Thomas Edison. This name doesn't sound very good on a girl.
My name is Edison but I’m a girl. And it says that this name has like, never found a female Edison. Yay, I’m one of a kind.
I personally hate when people use surnames as first names, yet this is my name, and I find that acceptable. Not because I'm a hypocrite (well, I am sorta), but because first off: I was actually named after somebody, and it's much better than the alternative (Thomas), And second off; My parents had an actual reason to use a surname instead of a first name. People made fun of them for naming their first son (my brother) after someone's last name, despite the fact it was named after his first name, and so they just decided "screw it, why don't we name our second son after someone's last name?"
You know how names that end in -son like Madison are predominately used on girls and rarely on boys? I don’t know. I think -son ending names are more feminine than masculine. Doesn’t matter if it means “son of”, if a girl from the 90s has a boy's name regardless, it breaks the -son for boy name rule making it acceptable for girls to bear that name, much less for boys! Cute name though!
I love the name.
Edison Misla Aldarondo is a Puerto Rican Republican politician who served as the Speaker of the Puerto Rican House of Representatives from 1997 to 2001. He was a founder of the pro-statehood New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico. He had also served as Representative from the 4th District from 1977 to 2002, and as Chairman of the San Juan NPP Municipal Committee from 1998 to 1999.
Edison Rosanda Armbrister is a former outfielder in Major League Baseball who had a five-year career from 1973 through 1977 with the Cincinnati Reds. Originally in the Houston Astros system, he was traded to the Reds in the deal that sent Joe Morgan, César Gerónimo, Denis Menke and Jack Billingham to Cincinnati for Lee May, Tommy Helms and Jimmy Stewart.
Edison sounds so freaking cute! ^__^
Edison Carter is the protagonist of the 1980s sci-fi TV show "Max Headroom".
I think all names ending in 'son' should be reserved for males since that ending denotes the meaning "son of__"... So it is strange to name your daughter "son of__".

As for Edison, I think it's a nice name for a boy. It's not too common.
Are you sure that the girls you've met weren't called ADDISON not Edison?
I've encountered this name on a baby girl. I wonder what statement the parents wish to make with a name like Edison. Perhaps they wish to celebrate the invention of the lightbulb? Do they hope the wee girl will become a great innovator?
The only Edison I know is a girl, she usually goes by 'Eddie'. Apparently, her parents were expecting a boy (their first child had been a girl) and had intended to name him after the father, Edward. When she was born prematurely, they decided to just go with the name anyway. I think it's cute, but mostly because the fact that it's a boy name (she's a tomboy) is a bit of a running joke.
Rarely found as a female name.

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