Dude, I hate my name. I will never forgive my mom for giving me such a horrid name. So if you’re about to have a baby girl and are thinking about giving her this stupid name, think again. She won’t forgive you either.
Cara, eu odeio meu nome. Eu nunca vou perdoar minha mãe por ter me dado esse nome horrível. Então se você vai ter uma menina e tá pensando em dar esse nome estúpido pra ela, pense duas vezes. Ela também não vai te perdoar.
It's pronounced eh-doo-ARE-dah in my part of Brazil, which can sound a bit different from the way it's pronounced in other regions of the country and in Portugal, where the "r" is much more subtle. I used to hate it when I was a kid but now I love my name.
There's also the variation "Edvarda" used in Scandinavia. See here:
An asteroid in the main belt is named 340 Eduarda. It was discovered in 1982 by Max Wolf.

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