On the popular Youtube channel TwoSetViolin, the female character used in the skits is called Edwina.
Edwina Spoonapple is a fictional 13-year-old girl from the Off-Broadway musical "Dear Edwina" (2008) and its counterparts "Dear Edwina JR." and "Dear Edwina Online Edition". Edwina wants proof of her accomplishments, just like her siblings. She leads the "Dear Edwina Show".
Edwina Klotz is the name of Roger's mother on the cartoon Doug.
I like this name very much! But only when pronounced ehd-WEE-nə, that pronunciation sounds very elegant to me, especially the "dwina" part (only when pronounced "DWEE-nə, not when it's pronounced as "jwee-na"). Where as ehd-WIN-ə sounds like failed potential. I also like ehd-WEE-nə because it also reminds me of Edwarda, very grand, but also very delicate. Ehd-WIN-ə reminds me of the word "winner", and it's just "Edwin" with an "a". Another reason I like ehd-WEE-nə is because I think it's the instinctive pronunciation, for example: You wouldn't pronounce "Josephina" or "Geraldina" as "jo-sə-FIN-ə" or "jehr-əl-din-ə", would you?

In the end, I like both pronunciations, but I just favor ehd-WEE-nə more.
Also Polish:
I love the name Edwina, and use it as a pseudonym (pronounced ed-WIN-a)
I also used it for talking in the Toki Pona community, where I had to transliterate. I've transliterated it to (jan) E(ti)wina.
Very ugly.
As a writer of children's books, I was looking for a pseudonym which would give readers the correct meaning of my work. In my opinion, the name Edwina could easily be turned into a word which sounds like education so I may be able to create a site with the startup words Edu and leave everyone thinking of educating kids here.
Horrible name to give to a girl. Just name her Erica or Emma.
My name is Edwina. I was named after my father, Edwin. I LOVE my name when it is pronounced correctly. It is just Edwin with a soft "ah" at the end. However, I detest Edweeeeena. I have no idea why everyone who reads this pronounces it Edweeeeena. There is no way to get that "i" to say "eeeee". Doctors, receptionists, nurses, anyone who calls my name anywhere. I am a multi-published poet, under the name Edwina Peterson Cross. One day it hit me over the head like a ton of bricks that the thousands of people who had read my poetry were probably all saying "Edweeeena" in their minds. It freaked me out! It also made me decide that my novels will be published under the name EPCross. I don't understand why #1 was worried about being called Wina. My family called me Wina all the time when I was growing up. I would use that as my name, except my married name is "Cross" and the two together sound like something you might do while throwing darts at balloons at a carnival - "Wina Cross" - When I left my elementary school where everyone knew me, and how to pronounce my name, and went to Junior High where the teachers all called me Edweeeeena (and wouldn't change even when I corrected them) I very quickly became "Winnie." Winnie was a cute name for a little blonde cheerleader. It became less so as I went to college, graduate school and became a professional. So, I went back to Edwina. And to Edweeeena. Finally, one day someone called me on the phone and asked for Edweeena. I said, "It is pronounced Edwina," the person on the phone said, "That name is properly pronounced Edweeena!" I said, "Yes, well it's my name and it is not pronounced that way." And I hung up. I also went back to being Winnie. I didn't have the option of using Eddie or anything in that direction because my father was named Edwin - called Eddie and so was my younger brother. Too many Eddie's! I thought of changing the spelling to Edwyna, but I was named for my father and that is not my name. Edwina is a beautiful name, if people will pronounce it correctly, or even believe you when you tell them they have done it wrong!
Edwina is stunning. It should be used more.
Edwina Mountbatten, Countess Mountbatten of Burma (1901-1960).
My mother's name is Edwina, and my grandmother's also. I think it sounds pretty. Not my #1 favorite name, but it's still very nice.
I have positive associations with this name, because the main character of Jennifer Saunder's hilarious TV series Absolutely Fabulous was originally named Edwina Margaret Rose Monsoon before she changed her name to Edina. She is nearly always called Eddy on the show except by her mother, who continues to call her Edwina.
My name's Edwina! I was named after my great grandad who was Edwin and my mothers middle name is Edwina also.

I've never liked my name- I'd always get called Eddie, ed, weena. My grandma would call me dweena and I've never minded that. Since I was about 13 I changed my name to Dena and I still go by this name. It's like my alias but now that I'm in my 20's Edwina is growing on me.

I don't think it's pretty but I think it sounds classy and sophisticated when said the right way. Maybe I'll go back to being called Edwina soon.. Who knows.
There's one I never liked. "Ed" just sounds too masculine to me. "Weena" is terrible, but if you pronounce it "win-uh," it's okaaayyyy... still don't care for it, though. And I find it much easier to picture on an elderly woman than a young girl.
My name is Edwina. I get heaps of nick names from it such as Weenie, Dweenie, Eddie, Ed, Eedee, Weens and Weena just to name a few. A friend once introduced me as Eddie and the other person thought my full name Edward! I love my name, I think its unique, old fashioned and pretty. Though I don't like all the nick names from it especially Weena!
Edwina is a gorgeous, glamorous name!
Well, when pronounced ed-WIN-ah, it is quite plain, but ed-WEEN-ah makes me think of a gorgeous brunette with green eyes who is outgoing and bold. ^^
There was an Edwina in the tv series "The Simpsons". Abe Simpson met her in WWII in England and had a romantic relationship with her. She gave birth to his daughter Abbie. He learned about this only decades later.
It would be so refreshing to hear this name on a young girl today.
I know a girl named Edwina. She constantly gets mistaken for Edwin.
I think this is an ugly old lady name.
I think ed-WEEN-a is absolutely hideous but ed-WIN-a is okay.
I don't think I would name a girl Edwina, they might get called Wina.

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