There is a no "th" sound in Hebrew. Eitan can not be derived from Ethan. It is the reverse.
It doesn't say that this is derived from Ethan... The description literally says "ORIGINAL Hebrew form of Ethan." Original, meaning Eitan came first.
I've come across this name when I was reading a blog, and I fell in love with it straight away. It's unique but not too out-there, and a nice alternative to Ethan (which I also like).

BTW, I pronounced it AY-tahn at first glance.
Eitan is one of the Bratz Boyz, and his name is pronounced "EE-ten."
I have usually seen this spelled as Eytan, not Eitan (and I have known quite a few Eytans). [noted -ed]
I too have only seen Eytan and never Eitan. And yes, it's pronounced Ay-tahn not Ay-ton.
I love this name for a guy. I would love to name my son this name. I feel that this is a nice name for someone. I like this name and it is a nice name for a guy.
Pronounced ay (like cane) - tahn (not ton).
Pronounced AY-ton.

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