One of my names is Elahe and I love my own name and I am proud of it and I am very happy that you name your cute baby Elahe so that if one day I see them, we will hug each other and call each other names.
Elaheh Koulaei (Persian: الهه کولایی‎; born 17 December 1956) is an Iranian political scientist, reformist intellectual. Dr Koulaei is a professor of political science at Tehran University, and a member of the Islamic Iran Participation Front. She was one of the 513 women candidates for election to the Iranian parliament, and was a member of the sixth parliament of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Elaheh Koulaei was head of the Irano-Libya Parliamentarian Friendship Group in Iran in 2003.
It should be pronounced like this:

The first 'E' like 'a' in 'air',

And 'A' like 'a' in 'art',

Then the first 'H' same as the one with 'Henry',

And second 'E', just like the first one, like 'a' in 'air'.

The 'H' at the end is completely silent!
There is no need for the 'H' at the end indeed, when we write it in English.
Pronounced eh (as in everyone) lah (as in long) HEH (as in Henry).
This is quite a pretty name. What's the pronunciation, I'm assuming it's eh-LAH-yay.

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