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I'm confused as to how "the other Aenor" can be the only explanation for Eleanor, as, contrary to what's stated, Eleanor of Aquitaine doesn't seem to have been the first bearer of the name. Éléonore de Blois-Champagne seems to have been at least 18 years older than Eleanor of Aquitaine, and her mother's name was Adela, not Aenor. [noted -ed]
clevelandkentevans  10/5/2016
This name is commonly thought to mean "torch" or "shining light".
courtney.dayle  11/23/2010
Elinor, Alanor, means god's light in Hebrew and Arabic, or possibly 'god is my light'.
eli- of god, noor/nur/nor - light/lamp
AnnoLuce  2/27/2008
I thought the name Eleanor came from the name Helen, which means 'bright light' or 'shining one'?
-_Elena_-  8/22/2007
I read that Eleanor comes from Greek origin and means "shining light."
sarahj  2/4/2006
Another theory on the origin of the name, in the context of Eleanor of Aquitaine, is that her name came from a corruption of the Old French ALIA - AENOR, meaning 'the daughter of Aenor'. [noted -ed]
eleanordavies  12/10/2005
Eleanor of Aquitaine's name (in the form Alienor) comes from the compound of her mother's name Aenor and the Latin(?) prefix 'alia' meaning 'other'. Essentially her name meant 'the other Aenor'.
Elea  10/7/2005
Eleanor of Aquitaine was named such after her mother, Aenor. Her name breaks down as "alia-aenor," literally "the other Aenor."
Jenna R  9/18/2005
Another version of this name is Elanor. This can be taken as a form of Eleanor, or by its Quenya meaning, 'sun-star'. In JRR Tolkien's novel 'The Lord of the Rings' Elanor is the name of both a golden five-pointed flower that grows in the woods of Lothlorien and of Samwise and Rose Gamgee's eldest daughter due to her blonde hair.
reservoirdoll1987  6/1/2005
Elanor (el: star, and anor: sun) comes from Quenya, but that's just in Tolkien's books.
gaelruadh19  7/11/2005

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