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Also Breton usage.
Sofia  6/5/2017
What about Armenia? Here Elen is one of the most famous names and a long time ago I even thought it was an Armenian name.
Anyu Anima  2/3/2017
Elen is not pronounced the same as Ellen. Ellen is pronounced EL-un while Elen is prounced EL-en
Try saying "bellend' but without the b or d. Sorry, but that's the best way I can explain it!
― Anonymous User  8/16/2015
This name is becoming more and more popular in the Czech Republic as another form of the name Elena (which is, in the Czech Republic, more associated with Slovakian or Russian names. Russian form is pronounced Jelena.). Elena, however, has been in the official Czech nameday calendar for a long time. Elen has not been entered in the calendar yet but celebrates nameday on 16/03, same as Elena.

In 2014, 288 babies were named Elen.
There were 195 Elens in Prague in 2014.
Elenka  6/29/2015
I do not see any difference in pronunciation between Elen and Ellen.
― Anonymous User  6/29/2015
Elen is also the Armenian form of Helen and is currently very popular in Armenia.
― Anonymous User  2/17/2012
She might not be very famous, but Elen Rives, fiancee of Frank Lampard, who is a midfielder for England and Chelsea bears this name. She is Spanish.
― Anonymous User  12/21/2008
I really like this name, partly because it's my name. Also, I find that it's quite unique, as I've only ever met one other Elen. I've met plenty of Ellens. Also, I find that it can be quite annoying if you have English relatives or friends who call you Ellen. Plus, I have friends who can say Elen but they say Ellen.
FunkyPurpleTiger  5/3/2008
Alena Antalová and her husband have a daughter Elen (born July 2007).
Janika  7/20/2007
A famous bearer is moderator Elen Valentová-Černá.
Karcoolka  7/20/2007
Elen is also the Czech form.
Name Day: 16th March.
Nicknames: Ela, Elke, Elli, Elenica, Elea.
Janika  7/19/2007
Both Elen and Elin are Welsh forms of Helen, although the latter is more common. The eldest daughter of Llywelyn Fawr (Prince Llywelyn the Great, 12th-13th centuries) had the endearing half-rhyming name Elen ferch Llywelyn.
H Gravy  7/25/2006
Sorry, just to clarify, what I meant to say was that Elen and Elin are both *Welsh names*; quite possibly the derivation of Elen is from the word for a nymph, as moonlet says, and not from Helen -- I'm no etymological expert.
H Gravy  7/25/2006
Elen when pronounced like eh-LYNN also means "star" in J.R.R. Tolkien's language Quenya (created for his elves to speak).
Sedalyn  8/13/2005
It's not really the Welsh form of Helen. The name 'Elen' is rare. It's rather old and originated in Wales from their word 'elen' (nymph). It's my name, so I did good research on it.
moonlet  3/3/2005

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