Ellie/Elly, Effie/Effy, Edie, Freda, Freddie, Fritzi and Ree could be potential nicknames.
Lumi  2/21/2021
I like the spellings “Elfrida” and “Elfrieda” better but all in all a pretty name — “Elfie” as a nickname.
― Anonymous User  12/24/2018
My goodness... Quite unattractive.
kayisforkeen  9/30/2018
My name is ISELE EGHOSASERE ‘ELFREDA’. What I like most about this name Elfreda is that it’s unique, it’s special, outstanding, and wherever I go to when I say my name people get confused with the pronunciation and the spelling and it's funny, it makes me laugh out loud most times... I get recognized in familiar gatherings because of my name... I remember some time ago I met a lady at one of NEOLIFE's international companies in Nigeria. When my name was called to come get my order in the processing hall she was like "I'm sorry Miss, what is your name?" I told her and she was like "This is the first time I am hearing such a beautiful name. Can you spell it?" she asked. I spelt it for her, unknown to me she was pregnant. She told me she would like to give the name to her child when she gives birth, though her tummy had not started showing... I could also remember in my High school where my teacher gave her first child my name Elfreda because of how unique it is... so many stories to share... I couldn’t have asked for a better name... I love my name Elfreda... Please give your child this name so it doesn’t go out of existence.
Elfreda  4/28/2018
Ælfthryth was not a queen of England, she was the daughter of Alfred the Great, King of Wessex. She married Baldwin II, Count of Flanders. So she was a princess but not a queen. She lived 877 to 929 AD.
earthnut  10/24/2015
I can't imagine this old name on anyone today. I dislike the sound altogether, and anything with ''elf'' will surely lead to teasing today.
slight night shiver  5/22/2008
I disagree with the last poster - Elfie makes a cute nn.
I've commented at more length under the alternate spelling Elfrida...
Just Jonquil  3/22/2014
It's a shame you don't see this name around much.
Luangi  4/10/2007
Elfie is a cute nickname.
― Anonymous User  12/28/2006

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