Effie/Effy, Edie, Freddie, Fritzi and Ree could be potential nicknames.
Also Hungarian:
My primary school was Elfrida school. King Alfred avenue I really like it as a name but I couldn't use it.
Princess Elfrida.
This was the name of a teacher at school - her colleagues called her Elfie. She taught German and the assumption was that she had a German mother, but I don't think that was really so. She was a genuinely lovely person, and because of that I'm rather fond of this name. Although it seemed rather eccentric to me when I was at school, I think it's a rather appealing name, fitting into trends today, and would love to see a little Elfrida. Ellie, Elfie, Elf, Elfin, Frida, Fifi - it has lots of potential nicknames.
The name Elfrida is also used in Germany and in the Netherlands.
Elfie is a cute nickname, much better than Frida.

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