It is also the Sicilian form as well.
Cute, although I would never use it.
Elia Abu Madi (May 15, 1890 – November 23, 1957) was a Lebanese poet. His poems are very well known among Arabs; poet, author, and journalist Gregory Orfalea wrote that "his poetry is as commonplace and memorized in the Arab world as that of Robert Frost is in ours".
Elia Antonio Liut (Fiume Veneto, March 6, 1894 - Quito, May 12, 1952) was an Italian aviator who was the first to fly across the Andes of Ecuador on the 4th of November of 1920, where he is regarded as a national hero.
Elia Suleiman (born July 28, 1960) is a Palestinian film director and actor of Rûm Greek Orthodox origin. He is best known for the 2002 film "Divine Intervention", a modern tragic comedy on living under occupation in Palestine which won the Jury Prize at the 2002 Cannes Film Festival. Elia Suleiman's cinematic style is often compared to that of Jacques Tati and Buster Keaton, for its poetic interplay between "burlesque and sobriety".
Elia Filippo Francesco Giuseppe Maria Millosevich (September 5, 1848, in Venice – December 5, 1919, in Rome), was an Italian astronomer. He specialized in calculating the orbits of comets and asteroids, in particular 433 Eros.
To me this feels more of a feminine name (and a very pretty and feminine one at that), and I would prefer to pronounce it Ellie-uh. I would not use this name for a boy.
I have no idea why but I think this name is feminine when pronounced Elle-ee-uh. It rolls off the tongue nicely and has some flair. Would spell like Ellia. However, pronounced Eh-lee-ah it's masculine. For a boy I prefer Elias.
This just seems like a variant of Aaliyah.
I love that IPA alphabet is currently allowed for Italian names. It helps people whose language has more vowels than Italian to understand how to pronounce them!
In 2017 were born 1,383 Elia in Italy according to ISTAT.
There's a girl in my classes named Elia, it fits her perfectly. It's such a pretty name and it rolls off the tongue like sugar. She pronounces it Ell-Ee-Uh, while others pronounce it uh-lee-uh.
Could be pronounced ee-LIE-ah, like Elijah without the 'j'.
MUCH prefer the Italian pronunciation (E-Lyuh)

Someone needs to add 'Eliah' to the database. The spelling is more masculine.
I see the name as male definitely, but the spelling of Eliah makes it more male and strong.
Elia is also the Georgian form of Elijah. It is an older form there, though: Ilia is the modern form in Georgia, and is also very common there. Elia is fairly rare, especially when compared to the popularity of Ilia.

In Georgian, Elia is written as: ელია.
Elia is a masculine name? It sounds very feminine and pretty to me, and has only ever been listed on the charts for the US and France as a feminine name. Eli or Elias is a more masculine choice in my opinion.
Italian pronunciation:


"E" is said quite nearly to "Hey" (exlcuding the "H"). Stress your "I" to "EE." "A" as in "Father." It turns out to be "Lee-Ah," but when spoken normally it typically becomes "Lyah." [noted -ed]
The Dutch pronunciation for Elia is: AY-lee-ah. [noted -ed]
Elia was the pen name of Charles Lamb (1775-1834), an English essayist who has been referred to as the most lovable figure in English literature. "Essays of Elia" was a collection of essays written by him.
Also feminine and Spanish.
I use this as a nickname. (My full name is Eliana.) I pronounce it Eh-lyah. I didn't know it was a male name in Italian. *blush* It seems very feminine to me too.
I have recently read an article about a young Russian woman called Elia. It could either be a Russian name which isn't directly related to the Italian Elia, or the Italian masculine name could have been used as a first name for a girl. After all, Elia *does* look pretty feminine to many people.
Elia is also the form of Elijah traditionally used in the Netherlands. [noted -ed]
Elia Kazan was a famous film director.

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