Elin is a perfect name but only if it's pronounced like Ee-lin. It makes me think of English pies in the Buckingham pala...oops I shouldn't have told you that. Now that you know my identity you must protect it with your life no one can know I am Fitzphie.
Also occasionally used in Estonia:
My name is Eli (short for Elijah) and one of my Caribbean coworkers calls me Elin. I have no qualms with the fact that it's a girls' name since it is not common enough to have a known or obvious gender. Lol. I just find it funny and yes, it's a neat name. I don't see it as male or female, personally. It's just short, impactful and unique.

I say "EE-LIN", not Ay-lin.
My sister has this name and she pronounces it ay-lin.
Pronounced EE-lin or ee-LIN.
Welsh pronunciation: [eˑlɪn]

( [noted -ed]
Elin Rigby is a Swedish singer.
As for how I imagine an Elin, she could be any age really, as well as any height. She has light brown hair and dark green/dark blue eyes. She has petite features and looks rather gentle and fragile, but at the same time it's very very visible that she is a strong person, with a steely character. She has both loads of sensitivity and gentleness about herself as well as loads of strength. She has small, delicate hands and is very agile, not necessarily sporty, but just has some finesse in her movements and a lot of unconscious gracefulness. She is a very curious person, she loves discovering, exploring the world, people around her, learning new things, being intellectually and physically active, she's an idealist. She always asks a lot of questions and likes to receive a lot of specific and detailed info in return. She is brave, courageous, forthright and frank, sometimes a little bit too much, but if she finds it necessary for some big purpose, she will employ her imagination and drama skills and will become an excellent, convincing liar. She can be a bit temperamental at times, but usually makes an impression of calm, albeit a very inquisitive person. She is domineering, slightly self-centered and selfish, but not narcissistic, and has a lot of empathy. When she finds any obstacles in her life, she'll fight with all her strength, that's always the thing with her. She can be rebellious. She likes to look very good, but is not a type of a coquette, even though men usually find her attractive. She's also very down to Earth so at the same time simply wants to be practical and comfortable. But she has that innate elegance about herself, and a hint of sophistication. She protects her very sensitive, gentle, idealistic, dreamy, worrisome and anxious self with the invincible fighter exterior, but both are valid parts of her personality, neither is fake, even though she might not like her sensitive and vulnerable part. She's prone to anxiety and mood swings even though she strives to always keep calm and positive and very rarely complains. She is creative and very smart, in all the meanings of this word, she appreciates real beauty and art. She is also a bit nerdy and may feel very different from the rest of people. She's also prone to jealousy and may be a bit judgmental, but she always tries to be kind and respectful of others and treat everyone equally and fairly. She likes challenges and risks, dreams of adventures, and if she happens to be a mum, her children's childhood just can't be normal or boring, there's always a lot going on when Elin is around. I know only one Elin personally, and this description is not a description of any specific person named Elin, nor the way I think all the Elins are/should be like, just the way I imagine an Elin when I hear/see/think of this name.
Elin is one of the middle names of Swedish singer Beatrice Eli.
This is my sister's name; and for her it's pronounced Elle-in. We're Welsh and know a lot of Elins.
Finding this to be a nice name, and if these other comments are anything to go by, natives certainly seem to agree, haha.
I've heard a lot of people pronouncing it in Swedish something like "EH-a-lin" with the 'eh' and 'a' being that of a diphthong. Though, that may be more of a dialect thing.
I absolutely love Elin. It has what I like in a name. It's cute, feminine, ages well, has the El sound in it and is often used in many of my favourite languages - Swedish, Finnish and Welsh. And I have tons of nice associations with it. And it is a form of Helen, I like lots of forms of Helen, including Helen itself.
Elin is the name of a Swedish saint and philanthropist whose feast day is celebrated on 2nd March.
Elin is a Swedish speech synthesiser produced by Acapela group.
Elin (Feivel) Hörberg is a Swedish singer.
The name Elin was given to 266 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Elin are female.
Elin Nordegren is a Swedish American former nanny and model, and is the ex-wife of professional golfer Tiger Woods.
I love the name Elin. I would name my baby that in a heartbeat. Elin is a rare and beautiful name!
Often pronounced AY-lin in Welsh.
This was my beloved grammy's name and it's pronounced like ay-lin, not ee-lin like Tiger's wife, what's- her-face. I have no idea where that pronunciation came from.
Not particularly famous, but Agnetha Faltskog and Bjorn Ulvaeus named their daughter Linda Elin.
Pronounced EH-lin in Swedish.
It means 'organ' in Finnish.
One famous bearer is Czech actress Elin Špidlová.
Supermodel Elin Jakobsdottir.
As someone else noted, Elin is also a Welsh name. It's pronounced ELLE-in.
I think this is a beautiful name. This is one of my sister's favorite names, though she spells it Eilan, as in the main character of the Fantasy novel The Forest House by Marion Zimmer Bradley. I think Eilan might be pronounced eye-lin, but whatever, it's what she likes!
Also a Welsh name, derived from Helen. [noted -ed]
I think it could be a good variant of the typical 'Ellen', or even a nickname for Melinda. I don't care for Mel or Linda or anything, but Elin is cute.
This is my sister's middle name, my cousin's name and one of my mother's middle names. So on Elin's nameday we have a big party!
Elin Nordegren is Tiger Woods wife's name.
It's pronounced É-lin (in English the nearest would be AY-lin).

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