I am Elina and I am from Bulgaria. The name is not common in Bulgaria, but most people really like it. The pronunciation is Elina - the stress is on i. My family and friends call me Ellie.
It's not too common. It's just a name. Not amazing or beautiful, but alright.
Not good, not bad, just boring.
Elina Born is an Estonian singer who is best known for representing Estonia in Eurovision 2015. She's become one of my fave singers from then!
I think Elina is a very pretty name! And is very uncommon here in Brazil.
I really love most of the Helen related names. Elin is my huge favourite, but I guess Elina is even better because it's more feminine, kind of more gentle, and also more multicultural, since it occurs in Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, a lot of Slavic countries, and could be very usable in the English-speaking ones as well though I guess there could be a lot of spellings possible so that could be either an upside or a downside. I think it ages very well but at the same time fits a child and a teen well too and has a lot of sweetness to it while not being frilly or bland or overly delicate. It could fit someone strong but also a very sensitive person.
Elina is a Swedish pop singer/songwriter, also writing songs for other artists, she's based in Stockholm.
The standard Polish form of this name is Helena, and it's very popular for babies right now (#21 last year), but Elina was also used here. Last year (2019) Elina was #370 in the girls' ranking as a first name, and 7 baby girls were named this. It was not used as a middle name though. In July 2017, there were 231 women named Elina in the whole Polish population.
Also used in Russian (Элина).
My best friend is originally Jewish, she lives in Israel. Her name is Elina and I really enjoy it! Elina is very smart, intelligent and noble, she always has the right things to say. Also I like that it is "between" two popular names in Israel – Elena and Alina. It makes it unique but pretty.
Also Occitan: (Source: Institut d'études occitanes)
Current favorite name.
Elina Koskela is a prominent character in Under the North Star, a novel trilogy by the Finnish author Väinö Linna.
Angelina has a possible connection to Elina, no?
Elina Born is an Estonian singer. She represented Estonia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 along with Stig Rästa with the song "Goodbye to Yesterday". She previously attempted to represent Estonia in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2013 with the song "Enough", and will attempt to represent Estonia at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2017. She was the runner-up of the fifth season of Eesti otsib superstaari.
The name Elina was given to 248 girls born in the US in 2015.
Elina is also used quite commonly in Germany.
In Latvia is Elīna, name day on 19th October. But Jelena and Jeļena is Russian name not Latvian, please correct information. [noted -ed]
To me, Elina is a boring, plain name. I've known many Elinas and they all have been either plain or mean, which is why I don't like this name one bit.
Oh hi. This is my name. Nobody ever pronounces it right though. But overall I like having this as my name, even though the average American can't seem to get a grasp on how it's pronounced.
This name is also used in Latvia with the spelling Elīna. According to the Population Register of Latvia (PMLP) there are 7980 women in Latvia called Elīna.
My best friend's family pronounces it uh-LEEN-uh.
I am from Latvia and my name is Elîna. My name is popular in my country. I have noticed that for people from other countries it is hard to spell it. In Latvian it sounds like: "Eliiina".
In a series of children's films starring Barbie (the doll), called Fairytopia, Barbie plays the role of a fairy who must earn her wings and her name in these films is Elina.
This name is pretty. I think it might look a wee bit better spelt Elinah. But Elina is just as pretty.
Elina is also used in Norway, and it's pronounced like this: e-LI-na. My paternal grandmother bore this name.
My name is Elina. The Finnish way to pronounce it is somehow hard to understand I guess (because no one foreign I know has done it yet), but anyway here it comes: All the vowels are short, the pressure is strongly on E in the beginning. The I is like I in the English word ill. Can you manage it? :) It's a really common name in Finland.
Did you know that Elina is actually also an Indian name? The meaning there is "smart" or "intelligent". Really cool I think.
My friend is from Finland and her name is Elina except she pronounces it Eleanor because no one gets their tounge around Elina.
Elina Taalasmaa (or is that her surname anymore? Wasn't she married or something and then her husband died little after their wedding? Oh, I'm not sure, it was long time ago) is a character in the Finnish soap opera called 'Salatut elämät' (umm, Secret Lives or something like that in English. Isn't it lame?).
Elina is used in Sweden too and here it is pronounced as Eh-LEE-nah.

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