I love it! MASCULINE! HANDSOME! WELL AGED! It is the BEST name out of all the weird, dated variants! It ages super well, too!
I love it a lot! It is much better than the worst, Elliott, a little better, but still really bad, Elliot, Weird Eliott, and this is just... a perfect name out of all the stupid, dated, unattractive, weird, goofy, fat, un-sophisticated, gummy, rough, idiotic, variants! Love it! Handsome, Masculine, and it ages super well!
Simple and nice.
Eliot McKenna Jones is the daughter of Ethan and Casey Jones from the reality tv show “Quints by Surprise”.
Eliot Laurence Spitzer is an American politician who served as the Governor of New York for a little more than one year. Prior to being elected governor of New York he was elected to two four year terms as the Attorney General of New York from 1999 to 2006. Prior to becoming Attorney General Spitzer worked for six years as a prosecutor with the office of the Manhattan District Attorney and also worked as an attorney in private practice with several New York law firms.
As I've become addicted to the TV show Scrubs, I fell in love with the character Eliot. And somehow I fell in love with the name on a girl. I know it's a little odd, but it seems like it would be a very good feminine name actually. It's not feminine in and of itself, but I like the idea. This is a very strong name for either gender regardless. And I can't think of a single bad bearer either! Good choice. :)
Eliot is my favorite spelling of the name as well: it's the simplest, it's uncommon, and it brings T.S. Eliot, my favorite poet, to mind. To me, this name sounds musical and refined.
Famous bearer: Dr. Elliot Reed, a female doctor on the TV show Scrubs. She was given a male name because her parents wanted for her to be a boy to carry on the family tradition of becoming a medical doctor.
This name is toilet backwards, sort of.
I like this name, but why do people think it's so cute on girls? What about this name sounds remotely feminine? Even worse, it's associated with the former governor of my state, Eliot Spitzer, who gets his kicks from prostitution.
This is my favorite spelling of the name, and I happen to like the name itself. I have never heard of jerks named Eliot, and I believe the name isn't hideously overused, even if very common and popular. It's too popular for my taste, but it's got a pleasant sound, it sounds sophisticated and like the name of an intelligent guy, and it ages well on the bearer. It also has a rather refreshing ending that isn't very common.
This is my brother's name. I like his name, only it's quite hard to find nicknames from it.
19th-century author George Eliot (born Mary Anne Evans) wrote Silas Marner, Romola, Middlemarch, and Daniel Deronda, among other works.

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