This name is very handsome and such. It doesn't sound feminine at all to me, just not as rough as other masculine names. I'd love to meet someone named Elkanah.
Looks and sounds really unattractive to me, and also very feminine.
My great great grand dad had this name when he was born.

Very unusual!
I really like this name to be honest. It's unusual but easy to pronounce.
I have many relatives with this name and I absolutely love it. It's a strong masculine name with a good charm, and different too.
I love this name, it's very strong and sweet. It reminds of another great name, Elchannan.
My Middle name is a variant. It is Elkan. My parents always told me the meaning was "Belongs to God". When I did some of my own research I found out it meant "In His (God) Grip". All seems to float with the theme of In God's possession.
No, it means god has bought (kana). [noted -ed]
This name is pronounced el-kah-nah in Hebrew.

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