My nickname! I’ve been mistaken for it being a full name though.
This can be a nickname for Isabella or Eleanor.
It’s currently very popular with baby girls. But, it’s so pretty, simple and classic. I can find no fault with this name.
Way too overused now, but super pretty and very (incoming back joke) Ella-gant!
Absolutely love the name Eliana. I think Ella and Ellie are cute as a nickname, however, too plain for a full name. Aliana (nickname Allie) is absolutely adorable as well!
Ella is also Latvian, Estonian, Hungarian, and French, used as a diminutive of Eleanor, Ellen (1), Elisabeth, and other names beginning with El or ending in Ella. The name day for Ella in Latvia is March 7. The name day for Ella in Estonia is February 10. The name day for Ella in Hungary is February 13. The name day for Ella in France is February 1.
Pretty as a nickname for a more formal name like Eliana or Elliana.
Last year (2019), 16 baby girls in Poland were given the name Ella as a first name. 8 were given it as a middle name. In January 2020, there were 867 women in Poland in total named Ella, and 258 women had it as a middle name.
Gabriella Michelle (Aka Ella) Henderson is a British singer.
Cute as a nickname for Eliana or Elizabeth. I personally prefer Eliana which is very stunning, whereas Elizabeth is a bit dated.
It's a beautiful name, don't get me wrong. But it's just way too popular for my taste. I’ve met so many Ella's and Ellie's. I’d go with something more unique, however, you do you.
Very pretty.
Also Estonian:
I actually quite like this name. I think it's much nicer than Ellie - especially as a stand alone name. I'm not often a fan of nicknames being used as firstnames themselves but this is one of the exceptions. It's quite popular but I only know a couple of Ellas so it probably wouldn't be too much of a problem. Overall, a pretty and nice name :)
Also ITALIAN. Pronounced /'ɛ
When I think of the name Ella, I imagine a magnetic, attractive young girl/woman. I think this name ages fairly well so I can imagine her pretty much any age. She has curly, thick dark hair, hazel or brown eyes, but I can also imagine an Ella with very intensely blue eyes who would look a bit differently. She is very feminine. Has a heart-shaped face, rosy cheeks, nice features. Ella is full of charm and very playful, energetic, active, optimistic, there's always a lot going on around her. She is a bit selfish, but not cold-hearted, she likes helping people and is easily moved by someone's suffering of any kind. She is frank and direct. Ella has a talent for music and dance, or at least feels strongly towards those things. She's a real aesthete, takes care of her beauty, is interested in lifestyle, interior design, wants to make everything around herself beautiful. She is fiercely independent but sometimes likes to be spoiled by others. It's a very romantic and affectionate soul. She is very girly. She's not a minimalist, quite the opposite, she likes living in comfort and luxury. She's a bit vain. Ella is bright and intelligent and creative and has always hundreds of ideas. She doesn't like discipline and constraints and can be rebellious. She's very, very strong-willed, determined and stubborn. People usually like her for her charm but sometimes might shy away from her as she can be a bit overwhelming and domineering and overly emotional, and might appear shallow. She's very hospitable and likes both eating and cooking. This is a sociable extrovert who loves interacting with people, especially if all eyes are focused on her, and she always has something to say. She might be up to some mischief once in a while, and she likes flirting. This is just the way I imagine an Ella when I think of this name, I don't even know anyone named Ella in person and that's not how I think all Ellas are or should be.
Swedish singer Molly Hammar's full name is Ella Molly Natalia Pettersson Hammar.
Ella dropped in popularity in Poland last year, falling to #295 in 2018 girls' ranking. 11 girls were given this name. In the whole Polish population in July 2018, there were 502 people with the name.
Also Hungarian:
Also used in Latvia:
I love the name Ella. It maybe is very popular, which is a big downside in my opinion, but I still love it and I can understand why so many people want to use it. It's charming, kind of playful, charming, delicate, but it is also sophisticated and upperclass and very girly. I guess it doesn't sound particularly strong, maybe is even frilly, but I think bearers of this name have to be very strong, self-confident women. Though, despite loving this name, I don't think I would use it myself for a child. I'd rather go with something longer, starting with El-, or maybe even just with L-? Or ending in -Ella, and then I'd call her Ella once in a while. I love this kind of name.
There is a Sami-Norwegian band called Isak, they make kind of electronic/dance/pop music, but with strong traditional, Sami influences, their music is often in Sami and using traditional Sami way of singing - joik. The vocalist and leader of this band is called Ella Marie Hatta Isaksen.
In Poland, the name is pronounced with two l's - EL-lah.
Ella is also used more and more willingly by parents in Poland, being a fresher and more sophisticated, universal alternative to Ela - used here mostly as a diminutive of Elżbieta (Elizabeth). Last year, 2017, 12 newborn girls were given this name, and the name Ella was 279th in the ranking.
It is the girl that has Snow White's hair and color. And bow, Cinderella's dress, and Aurora/Sleeping Beauty/Briar Rose's color scheme from Total Drama.
Also used in Hungary. Pronunciation: EL-law.
Ella Fitzgerald was a famous American jazz singer.
It's a little short, but it works much better in my opinion than Elle.
Famous bearers:
Slovak hockey player Richard Zedník and actress Jessica Welch have a daughter Ella Zedník, born on 6. December, 2003.Czech model Daniela Peštová and Slovak singer Pavol Habera have a daughter Ella Joy Anna Peštová-Haberová, born July 21th in New York City, NY, USA.
This could also be used as a nickname for Elizabeth. It's short, sweet, not old fashioned like Betty or Beth, not strange like Buffy and not overly common like Lisa or Ellie. Yep, this is definitely a good nickname to use.
Ella is the main character in Gail Carson Levine's beautiful novel Ella Enchanted.

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