Also Swedish, Danish and Norwegian: French (Modern):
I don't get why people are saying "it's good...but just for boys." Elliot, like Quinn, Artemis, or Cameron, is a unisex name. As in for any gender. Okay, maybe you don't like it, that's fine, but that's no reason to be nasty. The world is changing, and people and language change with it.
This should be removed from the unisex names list. Take it off now!
A solid, gender-neutral, masc-leaning name that I ended up choosing for myself as a nonbinary person (I prefer the version with two Ts, though). Personally, I've never met a girl named Elliot, but it wouldn't offend me to have a girl share my name. The name Ellie, which several of you suggest as an alternative, used to be gender-neutral. Theo, Cruz, Denis, Darian, Francis, and Cecil used to be almost entirely female. Names are literally just sounds that people use to refer to each other, and their gender associations naturally change over time with trends. Names don't need to be gendered, and what other people name their kids is none of your business unless it would be harmful to the kid in question (which, in this case, it wouldn't). Sure, naming amab people traditionally feminine names isn't currently trendy, but that doesn't mean it won't ever be, and that doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with the opposite trend.
Either from the Scottish Clan Eliott (from Gaelic "elloch"), or from a French diminutive for Elie, a variation of Elijah.
I love the name Elliot for a boy, it’s so handsome and charming.
I associate this way, way too much with Elliot Rodger tbh. Not a good association...
Even though this one particular name does not appeal to me, I can respect other individuals preference for it.
It's not that BAD, but I don't really like it. Reminds me of a pilot.
I totally changed my mind! It's actually super handsome, and I prefer it over Eliott, Elliott, and Eliot.
I much prefer it on boys, but if you're going to use Elliot for a girl, at least use it as a middle name.
Love it on boys. Hate it on a girl. Sorry if I’m being rude but Elliot is a masculine name and I dislike hearing this name on a girl.
Please do NOT name your daughter Elliot. I repeat. Do NOT name your daughter Elliot.
This name is so handsome and charming. Makes me think of both an adorable boy and a dignified man.
Elliot is not a unisex name. Never has. Never will.
Sucky name. I liked Ellen better lol at least it was a classic.
Elliot Moose is a children’s live action and animated television series.
Elliot Page (formerly known as Ellen Page) is an actor known for being in 'The Umbrella Academy', 'Inception' and 'Juno'.
Your intentions were good, but please avoid deadnaming people! Even though Elliot won’t be seeing your comment it’s still a sign of respect and it shows what type of person you are when you point out a trans person’s old name. Anyways I do enjoy Elliot’s roles and I can’t wait to see what he’ll be doing in the future :)
My intentions weren't meant to offend, I just wanted to post it as he is a famous bearer of the name "Elliot". No disrespect towards him or other trans people. Being trans myself, I know how it feels to be deadnamed, but my intentions were just to point out that he is a famous bearer of the name "Elliot", but that his name in media prior to his coming out was "Ellen Page". Acknowledging that he was formerly known as such name isn't the same as deadnaming, as he was known as "Ellen Page" publicly, and if you watch films like "Inception" and "Juno" and see articles on him prior to his coming out you'll see his name as "Ellen", but now he's known as Elliot and is the same person, but different name and pronouns. No offense intended, but it's nice to see that there are people who care.
I went by this name for a while, and I’m probably going to keep it as my middle name. It’s nice, sounds very sophisticated. Makes me think of a Victorian child who drowned in a well and now haunts the property and that is 100% the vibe I’m going for. I only changed my name from this because 90% of transmasc folks I know use it. My need to be special doesn’t allow me to be a basic bih transmasc lmao.And to weigh in on the deadnaming thing, the anon who asked that you don’t deadname Elliot Page is 100% correct. They were nice about it and nothing they said about the connotations was wrong. However, with a public figure well known by their deadname, I don’t think using it is quite as bad. As long as you’re only mentioning it to clarify who you mean, I don’t see an issue, but not everyone agrees with that.
Elliot is one of my favourite names.
No offence but to me, despite this name being used as a girl’s name, Elliot is a boy’s name along with Spencer, Michael, Ryan and other boy names and that’s all that matters.
I can’t imagine this name on a girl for the life of me. But hey, each to their own I guess.
Love this name... on a boy. Nothing I hate more than girls being given traditionally masculine names. No one does it the other way around - once people start naming their sons Rebecca maybe I’ll be more tolerant of it. Until then, it annoys me a lot, especially since people start saying names like this are more feminine than masculine and stop people from using this name on boys as intended. Stop ruining boy's names by using them on girls. Don’t let Elliot become the next Ashley.
I would definitely consider naming my son Elliot, I just adore the name, very classy and elegant!
I like this name because it's cool and fun and classy and modern.
To answer the feminine/masculine flame war going on over this name: you can name your daughter Elliot, Frank, Doug, Bruce, Brock, or whatever other male name you would like. You can name your daughter just about anything you want. This doesn’t change the fact that people view these names as masculine. Whether you like it or not and whether you think it’s regressive or not doesn’t alter people’s perceptions. You would be doing your daughter a disservice if you named them Elliot just as much as you would if you named them George.
This is good on girls.
Very handsome and classy name for a boy, although I would spell it Elliott. Can't imagine why anyone would want to use this for a girl.
One of my favorite names for a boy: classy, distinctive and generally speaking, just a good name.
I dislike how most people say, for example, "Elliot doesn't sound feminine, why should it be a girl's name?". It annoys me at how stereotypical people can be. The name would sound adorable for either a boy or girl to me.
Also used as a feminine name in modern times.
I really like this name. I'd be more likely to use this for a boy, but I think it's ridiculous to say that a name can't be used for either gender. It's just a name. The only reason people think it sounds masculine is because that has been the tradition. However, this is the 21st century, and our society is moving away from these archaic divisions of words/names/objects into gender-specific categories. Why does a girl's name have to sound "feminine" or a boy's "masculine," anyways? We should be past the idea that "feminine" somehow means "weak" or that "masculine" somehow means "strong." Also, even historically, a name's usage can change over time. Names such as "Alexis" and "Ariel" were once traditionally "masculine" names, but now they are primarily used as "feminine" names. Elliot is a great name, and it would be adorable and beautiful on either a boy or girl and strong for either (or for any gender identity) when they grow up.
Um, nobody was implying that all feminine names are weak and all masculine names are strong. There are plenty of feminine names that are considered strong, like Alexandra, Astrid, Victoria, Ingrid, etc. And keep in mind that feminine-to-masculine names aren't a thing...
Quite a timeless name that I can see on someone of any age. In my opinion, this isn't exactly the most feminine name, though... who would even name a girl Elliot?
I'm really tired of parents giving their daughters male names. There is absolutely nothing about Elliot that sounds feminine. I hope this name won't be mostly used by girls sooner or later like a lot of other male names have.
Elliot is a handsome name.
It's an annoying combination of wimpy, yet pretentious sounding. Not a fan of this name at all.
Forever the boy from E.T.
Love this boy's name! It is a name passed down through many generations in our family. Only boys, sorry girls.
Well, I literally made an account for commenting on this because I hate how people fight against each other about the gender of this name! This is really the only thing I hate about this name: Everyone fighting for its masculinity or femininity.
According to me, I feel like it sounds good as a boy name and as good as a girl name, if it is Elliot or Eliott or any versions of the name.
I know the name is originally masculine, and honestly, I always heard it as masculine until a few years ago when I saw it used on a girl, and well, it didn't feel out-of-place at all. I agree on it being used on both genders and just despise when people are "fighting against [one gender] by naming their [other gender children] that name". This is just nonsense.
Why can't we just mind our own affairs and respect each other's opinions instead of considering everyone who uses it the "wrong gender" as bad. Elliot sounds unisex to me, that's my opinion and I don't mind people disagreeing as long as they're not just acting mean to other people just because they don't use it as the "right gender".
I mean, everyone can't love every names or every variations. Why force people to like yours?
One of my favorite male names.
Although I wasn’t sure about this, my daughter in law was set on naming her first daughter Elliot. So I kept my mouth shut and figured we’d all call her Ellie. Fast forward almost six years, and Elliot has only been known as Elliot, will yell at you if you call her Ellie, and just told us her best friend is named, yes... Ellie. She is the perfect Elliot in my mind now - smart, quirky, courageous and a real individual. I guess her mama knew what she was doing, even if we weren’t so sure about it at first. Love that kid!
I've liked this name for a long while, and I've always thought of it as masculine. Funny thing is, I recently met a couple with a little girl named Elliot and she was quite adorable.
This will most likely be the name of my son. It's such an unfortunately underrated, strong name. I don't find it "too feminine" at all.
You could name your children Elliott, Eliot, Eliott, Ellyot and more... a family of Elliots.
I have the name Elliot as a first name. I like it a lot, and have never thought it's too mainstream or over-used. I hate how people think it should be a girl's name or is better. The girl's name for it is clearly Ellen, Ellie, Ellis, etc. I did get a lot of the ET and Elliot the dragon references growing up, but never phased me because it only lasted that moment in time. Every time I look up the meaning it means sacred or powerful in a god-like way.
This is a boy's name. I prefer Elliott as it looks like a full name. Elliot looks chopped.
I love the name Elliot. It's very MASCULINE and of course, works really well for GUYS. :D
I hate how some people use this name for girls! ಠ_ಠ There's many FEMININE names you could use for GIRLS like Ella, Ellie, Eliana, Elena, Eleanora, Elsa, Ellen... (I think you get my drift).
Elliot is a cool name for a guy. Why would anyone put it on a girl?
This is a BOY'S name and it always was until about twenty years ago. Thankfully some parents are fighting back and still naming their sons this so it doesn't go the way of Ashley, Madison, or Aubrey. My aunt joined in the resistance and named my BOY cousin Elliot, and my firstborn SON will be Elliot, as well :)
I like the name for both males and females. It seems like there are a lot of people on here who hate Scrubs for some reason, but it did make Elliot more prominent as a girl's name. Personally I think both the show and the name are pretty quirky and great.
Elliot (born 1998) is the son of actor Robert De Niro.
Elliot for a girl sounds incredibly lame, like the parents are trying too hard to be trendy. Thank you, 'Scrubs.' Not only were you a grating show that was stuck up its own ass, but you stole a perfectly good boy name and promoted it as a girl name. Thanks very much.
This name rocks for a girl! Can't stand it for boys, though. Besides Elliot from Scrubs being awesome, it just sounds like such a graceful, dignified name for a girl.
Definitely a good name for a boy. Unique but not scary. So many good boy names are being stolen by little girls. There aren't enough good boy names to begin with! Cut it out you Quinns, Morgans, and Elliots!
Elliot is a girl's name as well.
I've heard of 3 girls named Elliot, and with the nicknames Ellie, or Ella, I'm surprised it was ever a boy name. This is my favorite name for a girl right now.
I hate how so many people think it should be a girls name because of that stupid show Scrubs.
This is my niece's middle name, she was named after Dr. Elliot Reid from Scrubs.
Elliot is wonder for a little boy and a business. "Elliot" is my favorite spelling.
Famous bearer Eliot Ness.
I'm in love with this name. For ages I've wanted a son named Elliot. I'll concede to my future husband about some things, but a kid named Elliot is not negotiable. I think it sounds classic but still fits into modern times. It sounds like a quirky sort of kid, but still pleasant to be around.
I know a 6-year old named Elliot (yes after the Elliot character on Scrubs). They call her Elle, or Bell, and it's really cute. I don't see why people are opposed to Elliot as a girl's name, but not "Harriette" or "Margot".
I really like this masculine name. I don't see how Elliot sounds at all feminine, and if you like the nickname Ellie or Bell, there's always Elizabeth, Eleanor, or Isabelle. To the person who compared this name to Harriette and Margot as female names: 1) Neither of those names have the same ending as Elliot. Harriette ends with a sharp -ette sound (like the word jet), and Margot ends with a long O. Elliot ends with a soft -ut sound. 2) Both those names are, and have always been, feminine. Anyways, I do think the name sounds kind of quirky, but in a good way. A great nickname for this would be Elio (pronounced like the letters L-E-O).
It doesn't sound like idiot at all, it's just that the ending is uncommon in names and the first word associated with it is idiot because of the -iot ending. Anyway, I'm thinking of naming any future son I have Elliot Reid.
I think Elliot sounds inherently feminine, with it's similar ending, phonetically, to Juliette or Nicolette. I do love it as a feminine name, but I'm not at all a fan of this as a masculine name.
I can't see why so many people like this for girls. It sounds so unfeminine. I'm sure many people think Elliot is a girls' name because of that stupid show Scrubs.
A famous character: Billy Elliot from the movie of the same name. Although Elliot is his surname, I really love the name.
Elliot is also a female name, although I prefer it as a male name.
Lovely on a boy, hideous on a girl.
To me this name is solidly masculine, but, unfortunately, it also sounds a bit too much like 'idiot.'
On American Idol 2005 the person who came in third place was Elliot Yamin. Whenever I hear that name he's what I think about. I would never name my child Elliot. It's too masculine for a girl and too Greek for an Irish boy.
This name reminds me of idiot. Sorry.
I'm with the people that feel this name can be used as a girl's name. I'm going to name a daughter this.
I think it would be better as a girls name. It just sounds feminine-ish. I really like this name, though.
It seems feminine to me due to the sound "Elle" which means "she" in French.
Unfortunately the name always makes me think of the boy from ET!
According to British Columbia vital statistics this was the most popular spelling of this name.
I think it's an adorable name for a little boy.
Elliott Gould who plays Ross and Monica's dad on FRIENDS, a long time host on SNL, and was in Ocean's 12.
Another famous bearer is the late musician Elliot Smith (born Steven Paul Smith).
I prefer this name for a boy.
Elliot is a nice boys name, doesn't sound too harsh. I have also seen it spelt Elyot, and Elyott but I am not too crazy over those spellings.
Mama Cass Elliot (born Ellen Naomi Cohen) was a famous bearer of this name. She belonged to The Mamas and The Papas, an important musical group of the 60s, and later had a successful solo career. A large woman, she died of a heart attack in 1974, at the age of 33. Many people believe that her death was caused by choking on a ham sandwich, which is untrue.
The boy in E.T. (and the Disney dragon).
Elliot is used as a girl's name in the hit TV show Scrubs.
Very famous bearer is detective Elliot Stabler on Law and Order: SVU.

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