It's pronounced EL-zeh in German. It think it sounds really pretty and elegant. It's a nice name.
If I’m pronouncing this correctly it’s an English word so maybe if you're English, perhaps try a different name like Elsie.
I prefer Elsa, since this is also a word.
Else is also Finnish and Estonian, used as a short form of Elisabet (Finnish) and Eliisabet (Estonian). The name day for Else is Finland is October 15. The name day for Else in Estonia is November 19.
Else Dahl is the name of one of Roald Dahl's sisters. The others were Astri (died of appendicitis at the age of seven), Alfhild, and Asta (born shortly after Astri's death).
I think this is a lovely name, as long as it's not pronounced ELS. But since it isn't, I like it. I would use this for my child if it was short for Elisabeth.
This is an English word, but I'm sure it would work well in non-English speaking Countries.
This name is also quite commonly used in The Netherlands, where it is pronounced the same as in German. [noted -ed]
There is a fairy tale called "Clever Else". In it Else is a girl who cries over things that might happen.
Listen to the German pronunciation of Else here:

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