I love this name! It is what we chose for our son. Handsome, strong yet soft. Feels creative, and earthy but still old fashioned.
I much prefer Blackwood with the -wood part. This because the 'el' beginning is an article in Spanish so Elwood is odd to my ears.
Gosh, this name is so unattractive.
The name Elwood was given to 52 boys born in the US in 2015.
I like this very very much... as a middle name only! It would be extremely strange as a first name, it would most likely made fun of. I do like the sound and the meaning is great, especially because it reminds me of where I grew up, a place with some of the oldest/largest trees in the world. Nathanael Elwood would sound good with my last name!
The drummer from Rush, Neil Peart, has Elwood as a middle name. But Elwood is spelled with two L's.
This name is ugly and old-fashioned. It also makes me think of the art website Elfwood. You might as well name your other kid Deviantart.
This name is so hopelessly old fashioned. I can't imagine anyone naming their kid this today.
I don't think this would be a good name for child--why? He would be mocked for having the word 'wood' in his name once he hits the Middle School/High School, and especially mocked about L shaped wood.
Chuck Yeager, the legendary test pilot, has this as his middle name.
This name always reminds me of the lovable Elwood P. Dowd, played by James Stewart.
The cartoon character Arthur Reed lives in Elwood City, and he rocks out loud.
Goodness, goodness. The name Elwood was borne by the main character in the movie, and play, "Harvey," a story about a man and his friend, a pooka who's a six-foot-tall bunny rabbit.
The most memorable Elwood (perhaps the only Elwood) in popular culture is Elwood Blues of Saturday Night Live sketches and the film The Blues Brothers.

Elwood Blues was played by comedian Dan Aykroyd; he always wore dark sunglasses, a suit, and a black hat. In the film The Blues Brothers, Elwood and his brother, Jake, are on a mission to save the Catholic children's home where they were raised.
This is my husband's name and while a bit biased, I love it! It is classic and dignified, not at all trendy.

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