Swedish feminine form of Emil.
I've also heard it pronounced e-MEL-ee-ə.
This is my favourite name ever. If I ever have a daughter I would name her this. Though I always imagine it as a variant as Emilia and I personally think it’s better like that. I agree with other comments above and I also think it is classy.
I am named Emelia, and I think it is a pretty and unique name, but I wish more people had it. And knew how to pronounce it.
I have this name and it can either be pronounced with a short e (like in elephant) or a long e (like in eagle). Personally, I like the long e pronunciation better, but I've used both variations.
This is my favourite spelling of the name! It is gorgeous and classy :)
If Amelia can be pronounced a-MEEL-ya, couldn't Emelia be pronounced eh-MEEL-ya?

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