Ugly spelling of Emily. Looks like it should be pronounced "eem-lee" or "M Lee" with 2 syllables.
It looks misspelled. Emily is much better.
As someone named Emely these comments disgust me. Thinking you can judge a person for just knowing their name. I really love my name and I really thank my parents for giving me a beautiful name. I don't care if you think that every person named Emely is racist or childish or overused and ugly. To all the Emelys out there, don't let these comments get to you. Be proud you have such a pretty name.
The spelling is so weird.
Very ugly spelling. Emily is a very beautiful name so just stick to that spelling.
I love this name because it's my baby sister's name and basically Emely means loving, sensitive, affectionate, and family-oriented.
I had a classmate with this name once, and I thought it was spelt Emily. Honestly, this kind of nonsense is so common in my high school, to the point that I cannot assume how the simplest of names are spelt.
Ugly, ugly, ugly PLAIN UGLY!
Looks like some kinda weird spelling mistake...
This spelling looks really ugly, and reminds me of the word "smelly." Emily might be really overused, but at least it's a lovely name. Don't misspell it in the misguided belief that you're somehow making your child different from the 5-10 other Emilys in her grade. This spelling makes me want to pronounce it "Eh-MELL-ee."
Emeli Sande, born Adele Emeli Sande Gouraguine, is a Scottish recording artist and songwriter.
It does not matter how a name is spelled. Any name can fit a person and no matter what, it shows how we are all unique.I personally love all spellings of the name Emily.
Horrible. I don't care how popular Emily is, but stick to it for Christ's sake and don't use Emely or Emmalee or whatever other stupid variant you can think of!

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