The funny thing about this name is that 'syn' is literally Polish for 'son'.
It looks so cute with the y in there!
I actually like this better than Emerson.
It's an ok spelling 6/10 but I much prefer Emerson!
Cute! I love this name for a girl. I actually prefer this spelling to Emerson, and I think Emersyn is more feminine.
In 2019 the name Emersyn was given to 46 girls in Ontario, and 21 girls in British Columbia, Canada.
Emerson looks a billion times better.
Very dated!
Can't believe the made up version of a name is higher up in the charts than the actual name. Please stop adding unnecessary y's. This name is NOT for a grown woman. Maybe cute for a baby, nothing more. My name is Pamela, but you didn't see my parents name me Pamylla. Do better!
Rising too quickly in popularity right now.
Terrible spelling of a name that should only be used for boys.
I love this name! I think it's really cute! (plus really cute nicknames...) ;)
Love this. Definitely seems more feminine spelled this way plus Emmy is a cute nickname.
Emerson is a feminine name in my opinion. But it would be helpful to replace the vowel with a ‘y’ so the name doesn’t look too much like a boy’s name because it has -son in it.
This name as female is an emer-sin.
This is listed under feminine spelling. Why do some people think adding a y to a name makes it more feminine?

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