In English it’s pronounced like the name Emma, then shuh or shay.
Pronounced: E-me-she. [noted -ed]
A brand of water in Hungary.
I'm Hungarian and I always loved my name until I moved to the U.S. where absolutely no one could pronounce it. I got so tired of hearing "uh-meesey" that I went by my middle name for years. I then realized that spelling it Amesha (a little off, still, but much closer to the original pronunciation) would let me use it in an English-speaking context without having to correct everyone all the time. :) I guess the correct pronunciation would be EH-meh-sheh but that's overdoing it. Incidentally Amesha is also a name with ancient origins (I think Mesopotamian?) and the meaning has to do with benevolent spirits, so I thought that was an added bonus to spelling it that way.

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