My name is Emilie and I get it mispronounced often. Examples of mispronunciation: Em-eil-ie, A-me-lia, Em-al-ia, Em-alé. My name is also spelled wrong as well, mainly spelled Emily. I have to coach people on my name. Emily with an ie at the end instead of a y.
Emilie Agrest is a minor but important character of the French show Miraculous Ladybug. She is the wife of the main antagonist Gabriel Agreste and the mother of Adrien Agreste, the second protagonist of the series.
I named my daughter Emilie because our last name is German and kind of harsh sounding (we live in the US). Nothing else flowed. The name is classic and old, but the French spelling gives it a softness. It is a familiar name but memorable in its spelling. Not overly trendy the way anglo Facebook moms would spell it to be pinterest-y. I couldn't disagree more with the user that said it's a pick me name, they probably are projecting.
Emily, Emelie, Emely, Emaly aren’t exactly like Emilie, although I’m pretty sure they come from the same roots.
Emilie is pronounced EH-MEE-LEE or EH-MI-LEE (depends on origin)
Emily, Emelie, Emely, Emaly is pronounced EH-MEH-LEE
MEH sound is like ‘m’ in mouse and ‘eh’ from about.
Why not just spell it normally? Also, to me this name screams pick me girl… Emily is not any better.
Emilie is also Estonian. The name day for Emilie in Estonia is May 19.
Being called Emilie, I get my name spelt wrong and pronounced wrong all the time it is either Emily or they will pronounce it as Amelia or something similar. If I had the choice though I would pick this spelling, nothing against the spelling Emily but I feel like it is a really common name and the ie instead of a y is the one thing that makes it unusual or stand out.
Also Estonian:
Don't get me wrong, I really like the name Emily, but this one is so much prettier in my eyes. Emi, Em, and Emma are my favorite nicknames/shortened versions.
My sister is Emilie and we call her "Emmy" for short. Add that as a diminutive.
Usage: German, Czech, Danish, Norwegian, English, French, SwedishPronounced: eh-MEE-lyə (German), EH-mi-li-eh (Czech), eh-MEH-lyə (Danish), EHM-i-lee (English), EH-MEE-LEE (French), eh-mi-LEE (Swedish)Variant feminine form of Aemilius (see EMIL) used in several languages.
Ok. So it's eh-mi-LEE in Swedish and EHM-i-lee in English.
EHM-i-lee is actually the English pronunciation of the name. It's actually pronounced in Swedish and Norwegian only as eh-MI-li-eh.
Incorrect. Emilie is never pronounced "eh-MI-li-eh" in Swedish. The Swedish pronunciation with 3 syllables is correct. You can even listen to it on Google Translate:
Pronounced in English as EHM-i-lee, not EHM-ə-lee.
In 2018, 7 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Emilie who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 1, 479th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I like Emily and Emilie, though if I were to name a child that, I would go with Emily. There is a girl in my class called Emilie and people always mis-pronounce it Amelia. I also just generally prefer it with a 'y', although 'ie' is a good idea if you like Emily but are worried about the three other Emilys likely to be in her class.
For a purely visual reason, I don't like this spelling as much as Emily -- the -mili- part is too many vertical lines in a row. I know that's quite silly, but it's how I feel. I don't think it's an incorrect spelling or a kre8tiv spelling at all -- this is the spelling of the name Emily in many languages. I just prefer the look of Emily.
I love this name, I think because my name is Emilia and I like it as well. I like most (if not all) of the spellings and variants of this name, well, maybe besides those like Emmilee, Emilee, Emmily, Emileigh, Emaleigh or Emiley or anything like that. I don't have anything against the traditional Emily, it is a little bit boring, you see it everywhere even if you don't live in an English-speaking country, but it's still a pretty, classic little name in my opinion. But Emilie has all that, what Emily has, plus all that lacks Emily. It's classy, gentle, feminine, sweet, easy to pronounce everywhere I guess, classic, fitting a woman any age, flexible when it comes to nicknames and so on, but also is pretty unique in its spelling, but not in this over creative way which I hate, it may appeal to people with more modern taste, as well as to those who prefer more classic names, it's also more elegant than Emily, maybe because it's longer (?) and it's not so popular, 'cause even though I like Emily I think it's overwhelmingly popular. I think Emilie is a fresh alternative to the dozens of parents across the world who have a "crush" on Em- names at the moment. When I think about this name I see a woman pretty similar to Emily Of New Moon haha. Black-haired, pale, grey-eyed, tall and slim, very dreamy, bright, creative and a little withdrawn. My associations with Emilie are Emilie Autumn and Emilie Nicolas (Norwegian electronica singer), but also, like I said Emily Of New Moon, because any name related to Emily reminds me of her, probably because I - being an Emilia - feel so close and similar to her. One thing I don't like about Emilie is its French pronunciation e-mee-LEE, I prefer it with the accent on the first syllable as in English and that's the way I pronounce it, I also like the Norwegian pronunciation e-MEE-lye.
Emilie is a Norwegian speech synthesiser created by Acapela group, it's a girl voice and, as far as I know, speaks Norwegian Bokmĺl.
Emilie Adams and Emilie Nicolas are both Norwegian singers, though the latter is slightly more famous.
Emilie is also used in Norway. It's spelled e-MEE-lye there, (I guess), although I also know a Norwegian with this name pronouncing it E-mee-lee.
The name Emilie was given to 314 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Emilie are female.
I never cared for the name/spelling of Emily. Two weeks before my daughter was born (June 2006 & I didn't know I was having a girl) I thought it would be nice to name a little girl Emilie.
1) My Mom wanted to name me Emily, but Dad didn't care for it.
2) My grandmother, born in 1895, name was Minna Emilie.
Without saying anything to my husband, a week before her birth he suggested the name. I said only if we could spell it like my grandmother's middle name. So she was born and named Emilie Jacqueline after my grandmother and Jacqueline for my husband's Aunt. We didn't tell anyone until she was born what name we picked. My Mom cried saying she finally got her Emilie! Also without realizing it, the pattern in which my daughters name is spelled is similar to my given name. She is Emilie and I am Tricia. Each six letters with the letter "I" in the 3rd and 5th place within the names.
I love the spelling of this name. So much prettier than plain old Emily. If my name wasn't Emma, I would call my daughter this, but it is and I don't like it when people call their child a name similar to their name.
I named my daughter Emilie after the European spelling (the original) and my great grandmother from Finland, Emilia. I love the name. She is 14 now and she fits it perfectly. It's a beautiful name.
Nice to use in English, as an alternative to the more common Emily.
A famous bearer is the singer Emilie Autumn.
I think this spelling is so refreshing and sweet. Definitely one of my favorites!
Nice break from all the Emily's you see everywhere. I think this spelling is prettier, honestly.
The correct German pronunciation is eh-MEE-lee-eh, not like Emily. [noted -ed]
I like this spelling. It's not "kre8tiv", and the name looks well balanced.
Very pretty spelling.
Czech actor, dramatist and marionetter Petr Forman and his wife Klára have a daughter Emilie. She's granddaughter of Miloš Forman.
This is my best friends name and most people when first read it think it says Emile or pronounce it like Emil. I prefer the name Emilia, or Amelia more because it looks more feminine.
Pronounced E-mee-lee in German. [noted -ed]
I personally much prefer this spelling to Emily - possibly because of my love for the aforementioned musician Emilie Autumn (Emilie Autumn are her actual first and middle name), but also because I find it classy, intriguing, pretty and that little bit more unique than Emily.
Imli (also spelled imlee) means "tamarind" in Hindi. When I was traveling in India, I would say, "Hello, my name is Emilie" and the reply was invariably, "Imlee? Like the fruit?"
I really prefer it to Emily.
Famous bearers:
Czech actress Emilie Nitschová
French actress Emilie Delaunay
Emilie Dionne is one of the Dionne quintuplets. She and her 4 sisters were taken away from their parents because of abuse. To read more about them, visit:
Birth name of Emmy Destinnová was Emilie Pavlína Kittlová.
Emilie Autumn, a famous Indie modern violinist.
I love this name, it's such a pretty variation of Emily.
Emilie is also the Czech form. Pronounced as "E-mee-li:ye".
I love the spelling of Emily. I am tired of Y endings.
A famous bearer is Emilie Schindler, who along with her husband Oskar helped hundreds of Jews survive in WW2.
This is such a pretty name. Generally, I wouldn't like the name Emily but this is such a nice, delicate spelling that I have changed my mind about the name. I would only use this spelling though.
A famous bearer is Australian actress Emilie de Ravin who plays Claire Littleton on the TV show Lost.
I love it, but that's probably because it's my name. I think it is a good alternative to Emily because it is an original spelling, but it still has a real meaning.
I love this spelling, but Emily isn't bad either.

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