This is my grandmother's name. I always thought it was an odd name. And the pronunciation Ee-nid which was the only way I've ever heard it is off putting. Actually finding the meaning of this name though is beautiful and part of the Arthurian romances too, no wonder my great grandparents chose this name. The Welsh pronunciation En-id is a little better I probably would only use it as a middle name though.
This is actually my name! I’m in my 30s now and really love it. My dad picked it because he loved the meaning, in fact every meaning he read that he had at his disposal at the time he loved and my mom went along with it. While I’ve never met another Enid in person a friend named her daughter Enid after me and I have known of other women named Enid just haven’t met them. My name is often heard as Eden or Erin. One thing I hear ALL the time and have my whole life is “you are absolutely NOT what I expected of someone named Enid” lol. I think most picture older, librarian type women. Doesn’t bother me, I just laugh it off, after all I didn’t choose it.
I've always thought this was pronounced EE-nid and hated it because of the puny sound. EH-nid is not much better. Now it seems frail. The name itself is not aesthetically pleasing to me.
I like this name quite a lot, mainly due to the influence of a game called Cultist Simulator, where I first saw the name. I think it felt like a cold breeze in a mysterious forest, it might be too poetic, but it is how I would describe its "emptiness".
Very old-fashioned but kind of pretty.
[ˈeˑnɪd] [noted -ed]
I had a close friend named Enid and it took me a few times to pronounce her name correctly. I don't know why but for some reason I kept saying "Ee-na." I admit the name sounds old-fashioned, like an old librarian with a droopy sweater, but my friend certainly defied that appearance. At the time, popular names were Kathy, Robin & Barbara. Her middle name was quite common but she preferred to use her first name regardless of the naysayers' comments. Good for her!
I used to be iffy about this name, but thanks to The Walking Dead, it's actually grown on me.~*
Enid is my first name and I've lived with it for 60 years. I never disliked my name but I can certainly identify with the fact that it is unusual. Up thru high school in the northeast I knew of 3 others named Enid so I didn't think much of it. It wasn't until I moved out of state that I realized how uncommon the name was. Enid has only 2 syllables (Ee-nid)... yet no matter how many times I'd say it or spell it out, someone would come up with a new variation... Eden, Edie, Edna, Indy, Ingrid, Edith, Ena. One thing I learned is to always use my middle name when ordering take-out food so as not to hold up the line!
Had the name Enid for 72 years- who knows? Could become a unique name in the future.
Enid Blyton is a famous author who wrote book series like Malory Towers and Famous Five.
I've always thought it sounded like the name of a particularly frightening insect. (Maybe it reminds me of earwig since the vowel sounds are the same?) Good night, sleep tight, don't let the enids bite. This is a name like Mildred, Bertha, and Gertrude that I just can't imagine coming back into style. But it only takes one beautiful starlet or popular tv character named Enid to make enough people think it's a worthy name again, and then it will be trendy.
Sounds very old fashioned and unfeminine.
Enid is the county seat of Garfield County, Oklahoma.
“Enid” is “dine” backwards. :D.
Enid from the Cartoon Network series, Ok K.O.! Let's Be Heroes! is the bearer of this name.
I actually know a man named Enid. (He uses his middle name instead.)
Also used in Ireland.
The name Enid was given to 19 girls born in the US in 2015.
An ugly, outdated name borne by misogynistic British Catholic Enid Blyton, who believed that girls should marry in their teens and that their lives should revolve around cooking and cleaning. DO NOT use this name on your daughter!
Enid is a lovely and extremely uncommon name. I can see why one might think of it as a "stuffy, boring old lady" name, but that isn't how it sounds to me. And knowing of just one person with the name who defied that image in any way could alter one's perception.
It really is ugly. I have never understood why they used the name in Sweet Valley High. It always sounded like Elizabeth was carting around with her grandma. Which I guess makes sense in a way. Enid suited that character really and she just exacerbates how I think of ENID as a boring nerdy girl who acts 60.
The name Enid (pronounced E-need or Eh-need) is used often in Puerto Rico as a first name and more frequently as a middle name. I have friends, family members and a daughter with that name... and it's also my first name.
Enid Hartle was a British opera singer.
Enid Bagnold is the author of National Velvet.
This name is also commonly found in Latin America (also as a feminine name), although I am not sure whether the etymology is the same in the case of the Latin Americans. It may possibly derive from something else entirely (perhaps from an Aztec or Native American word) and just happen to look the same as the Welsh name Enid.
The real name of actress (Dame) Diana Rigg is Enid Diana Elizabeth Rigg.
Makes me think of an old woman that is mostly toothless and musty-smelling. Really an awful name.
I want to like it, but I just can't do it. It has a cool meaning though. I prefer En-id to EE-nid.
The Welsh pronunciation is En-id, though outside of Wales it is often pronounced Ee-nid. (I prefer the Welsh pronunciation myself.)
I have never known anyone with this name personally; it is only familiar to me as the names of authors. Therefore, I have never heard it pronounced. If it's pronounced EE-nid, I think it's hideous, but En-id, (the first syllable rhyming with hen) is nice.
Enid Rollins was the best friend of Elizabeth Wakefield in the Sweet Valley series. She was supposed to be very brainy so I always associate this name with someone who is nerdy.
A pretty wallflower of a name. I'd use it.
Also, I would like to say that in my book of name meanings, the name Enid is said to be derived from the Celtic Welsh "Enid", meaning "purity", but also alternatively Enid could be derived from "Enit", which is Latin and means "woodlark" (a pretty type of speckled bird, which is mainly found in Northern Europe). :)
I quite like this name, despite some of the other comments on this page. Yes, I think this is a strong, and yet, beautiful, name. :)
This name reminds me of two things:
1. The Barenaked Ladies song (good song, by the way)
2. A bug
Don't ask about the second one. Enid just sounds like it would be a type of bug--to me, anyway.
It's an ugly old lady name, plus some of Enid Blyton's books are accused of being racist and/or sexist, so that puts me off.
I have heard this pronounced as both EE-nid and eh-NEED.
Nyd, isn't that an insult? This name sounds like it should be, sorry, personal opinion! It hideous.
The name is a bit old-fashioned, but not ugly or weird at all. It makes me picture a shy, mousy, wallflower-y, yet pretty girl.
I don't think of this name as unisex, but as a girl's name only, at any rate a once-popular name now associated with old ladies.

There IS a similar-sounding name, the Hebrew name Enoch, which is a guys' name or rather a grandad name nowadays.
This name seems way too foreign. It sounds more like a guy's name, and it's DISGUSTING!
Enid makes me think of a quietly strong girl who is very pale and sickly.
I like this. It's cute.
Enid puts me in mind of an anemic, washed-out secretary who wears faded, oversized cardigans.
"Enid" is the title of a Barenaked Ladies song.
Enid Nightshade is the name of a character in the Worst Witch.
There is something very mysterious about this name but I like it. It is so beautiful and quiet.
Enid is the name of one of the characters in the comic Ghost World, played by Thora Birch in the film.
Enid Blyton is a famous author of popular children's books.

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