It's so uncommon and so, so rare in these days! Enki would be the only Enki in his grade, or even his work or school!
Unusual and handsome name! I like it!
OMG! I love it! So handsome and rare, I would definitely name a boy this! I can think of many nicknames, I just can't explain how much I love it!
I don't know why I thought Enki was Finnish or Hungarian. Definitely a boy's name, though.
This is a very cute and unique name for a little boy today. He would definitely be the only Enki in his class! I would very happily name my son Enki, if I had one.
An interesting name. However, I must disagree with someone above me. I believe it would fit a male, rather than female. Though I do not have a problem with it on female if it were to be a nickname.I think it to be a very handsome name.
There's a French comics artist and film director called Enki Bilal (though born Enes Bilalović). His famous works include the Nikopol Trilogy and the Hatzfld Tetralogy.
In Ancient Sumer, Enki was considered the Deity of crafts, water, intelligence, and creation. He is thought, in their myths, to be the one who caused Babel, being known as "The Confuser Of Languages".
I like this name, but I would rather name my daughter than my son it.
Enki has two other names: Ea and Nudimmud. Enki, Ea, or Nudimmud is the trickster god that always defies the gods and usually ends up helping out the humans. Example, the story of Atrahasis (Noah).

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