Enrico Ianniello (1970-) is an Italian actor and writer.
Enrico Arrigoni (pseudonym: Frank Brand) (February 20, 1894 Pozzuolo Martesana, Province of Milan – December 7, 1986 New York City) was an Italian American individualist anarchist, a lathe operator, house painter, bricklayer, dramatist and political activist influenced by the work of Max Stirner.
Enrico Berlinguer (15 May 1922 – 11 June 1984) was an Italian politician. Considered the most popular leader of the Italian Communist Party (Partito Comunista Italiano or PCI), which he led as the national secretary from 1972 until his death during a tense period in Italy's history, marked by the Years of lead and social conflicts such as the Hot Autumn of 1969–1970.
Enrico Dandolo (anglicised as Henry Dandolo and Latinized as Henricus Dandulus; c. 1107 – May 1205) was the 41st Doge of Venice from 1192 until his death.
Enrico Macias is the stage name of the Argelian singer and musician Gaston Ghrenassia.
"Enrico"'s Italian pronunciation:


"En" is spoken quite nearly "Ayn," though slightly altered. Roll your "R." Keep the "I" stressed to "EE." Next is a hard "C," equaling "K." "O" is as always, "Oh." [noted -ed]
Enrico Colantoni is a Canadian actor ("Just Shoot Me" and "Flashpoint").
Enrico Fermi also has an element named after him.
Enrico Caruso was a great tenor of the early twentieth century.
Enrico Maxwell, the crazy archbishop from the anime/manga Hellsing, also bears this name. Irony, anyone?

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