I love this. What an exciting name.
I love it, honestly. It's a fun name, though I'd do a double-take if someone actually used it for a kid. I named a dragon character this under some mildly... well, more than mildly embarrassing circumstances (there was one song, Lothlorian, by Enya that I really loved, didn't know anything else about her, but loved that song so much).
As such, it's hard for me to remember the whole 'war hungry war goddess' thing, which is a little sad. This name is honestly really cool, in my opinion.
I was looking at another goddess Angerona, and found that the root of her name, anyo, sounds a lot like Enyo. Angerona means "to strangle" or "to torture" so Enyo could mean the same thing.
I love this name! A bloodthirsty war goddess, what a thing to be named after. Who would not want to be named after that?
"blood thirsty Greek war goddess?!" That scares me a little.
I extremely dislike this name. Strange, and not feminine. It also creeps me out that Enyo was "a blood-thirsty Greek war goddess".
I've read Enyo means "Warlike".
Pronounced en-ee-oh.

Interesting note: Possibly means horror, Bellona is believed to be Enyo's Roman counterpart.

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