Also Lithuanian: Romanian, Russian and Serbian:
Also Russian.
So pretty, I wish my name was Erika. And I prefer this spelling over Erica because I think Erica is too soft.
Like other Erika's opinions of our names, I hated it and then grew to like it. But I have met other Erika's that don't feel a connection to our name like I don't. Though we like it, we are indifferent to it. We really aren't sure we feel like an Erika. Are there others out there?
YES. Thank you that's exactly how I feel and it's honestly nice to know I'm not the only one. I've been feeling suuper bad about it.--On a positive note personally I am glad it's a 'K' & not a 'C' still both beautiful spelling though.
Erika Kitagawa - Japanese AV actress.
I like this spelling a lot more than Erica. Erica reminds me of Eric but Erika doesn't remind me of Erik for some reason... anyways, nice name.
It's fine, but it sounds a little too harsh. That's why I prefer Erica.
I adore this name it is gorgeous. I just love everything about it if you have this name you are super lucky- it's absolutely gorgeous.
This is another stereotypical name for a European girl. I love this name a lot.
This spelling is ugly.
Also Estonian: [noted -ed]
Male version of Eric. I feel there is something harsh sounding about the name Erika. If used I prefer the traditional spelling Erica.
I love the name Erika, especially with a K. It’s so attractive and for a baby and kid, Eri is a cute nickname.
I really like the name Erika, maybe it's because I grew up watching Barbie's Princess and The Pauper, but either way this name is very lovely and it isn't too formal but still has charm.
Also Slovak: --- offer sources
You'll find numerous bearers on social media. [noted -ed]
I absolutely adore this name and the way it is spelled. Not only can I appreciate the novelty of this Nordic classic,
but I also think the ‘k’ adds an extra dose of exotic spice that adds further charm to this name. A definite plus from my point of view. Very lovely if I do say so myself.
My daughter is named Erika. I think it’s one of the most beautiful names in the world. It looks feminine to me when written down and I like the way it sounds.
Very pretty! Definitely a classic name.
In 2018, 20 is the most common age for an American (U.S.) Erika who is registered female with the Social Security Administration. It is the 439th most common female first name for living U.S. citizens.
I don't love this name.
Great and timeless name! I like to spell Eric with a "c", however, I'd like to spell Erika with a "k". It was also the name of a tropical storm that hit Dominica in 2015.
I like Erika. I used to think it's ugly but started to gradually like it as my love for Scandinavian countries was raising. I like its harshness. I generally prefer more girly names for girls, but the type of harshness Erika has in itself really appeals to me. And still, it's feminine, but not overly. I prefer it much more to Erica.
Erika Norwich is a Norwegian singer.
Erika Sawajiri is a Japanese actress, model and singer. She appeared in the non-fiction Japanese television drama 1 Litre of Tears, playing the role of a girl who suffered from the intractable disease spinocerebellar degeneration (SCD).On September 10, 2010, it was announced that Sawajiri had signed with Avex label for talent management and music releases. She was previously managed by the Stardust Promotion talent agency until her contract was terminated in late 2009, and was affiliated with Sony Music Entertainment Japan for her early recording career, recording under the name Kaoru Amane and, later, simply Erika.
In Finnish it's pronounced Eh-rika; long E, short I and A.
Érika Januza da Trindade Gomes is a Brazilian actress and model, as well as a former school teacher. She is most well known for playing the protagonists in the 2012 telenovia Suburbia.
The name Erika was given to 381 girls born in the US in 2016.
More than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Erika are female.
The name Erika is made up of Kanji combinations, but the usage of the name is most likely influenced by the European name Erika. (
With 84 108 bearers, Erika is the 14th most common feminine name in Hungary. (01/01/2016).
Hungarian pronunciation: E-ri-kaw. [noted -ed]
Erika Tham is a Canadian actress singer and dancer. She is known for her role as Corki Chang in the Canadian series Make It Pop.
Erika (with a slightly altered spelling) appears in Fire Emblem: the Sacred Stones as the main lord (along with Ephiram). I happen to really like this name, it seems to fit at just about any age and it's not too delicate.
The name is also used in Iceland.
I don't know what it is about this name, but I love it. Maybe it's because I was obsessed with The Little Mermaid when I was little (the prince's name is Eric).
Anywhere else I look up my name I have read the meaning as "Ever powerful".
Erika Mitchell, (who uses the pen name E.L. James), is a British author. She is known for her bestselling adult romance novels trilogy Fifty Shades, which consists of Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed.
This is my aunts name and my middle name! I used to hate this name but I quite like it now!
Erika is also a Dutch translation of the plant "heather".
I knew someone named this but they spelled it Aeryka.
Pronounced eh-REE-kah in Swedish.
I REALLY like this this name in the Japanese pronunciation.
Erika is the name of the Grass-type Gym Leader in the original Pokemon games.
My sister's name and she is named after my uncle Richard as they share the nickname Ricky/Rikki. She is a tomboy so always goes by Rikki.
It's my name! I thought it was pretty awful at the time when my friends at kindergarten and elementary school started calling me Erik or Krik-krik like sound of grasshoper. But when I knew what it meant and how people in another country love this name (I'm Indonesian), I can't help but be proud and love it too. Thanks to my granny who gave me this name. :))
I'm not sure if I like this name. I know too many Erikas.
It's a lovely name. A little bit rough and harsh, but I love it. I hope it will be my daughter's name someday :)
Also Croatian. [noted -ed]
Other spelling Eerika, Finnish.
Also used in Croatia.
Pronounced E-ree-kah in German. [noted -ed]
"Erika" was the marching song of the Waffen SS (google it if you don't know who they were). The song was written by Herms Niel in 1939. Heather-yards are one of the symbols of German natural heritage, so "Erika" is symbolism for Germany. (Note that its use is banned in the German Army).German lyrics:
Auf der Heide blüht ein kleines Blümelein
Und das heißt: Erika.
Eins von hunderttausend kleinen Bienelein
Wird umschwärmt Erika.
Denn ihr Herz ist voller Süßigkeit,
Zarter Duft entströmt dem Blütenkleid
Auf der Heide blüht ein kleines Blümelein
Und das heißt: Erika.
2. In der Heimat wohnt ein kleines Mägdelein
Und das heißt: Erika.
Dieses Mädel ist mein treues Schätzelein
Und mein Glück, Erika.
Wenn das Heidekraut rot-lila blüht,
Singe ich zum Gruß ihr dieses Lied.
Auf der Heide blüht ein kleines Blümelein
Und das heißt: Erika.
3. In mein'm Kämmerlein blüht auch ein Blümelein
Und das heißt: Erika.
Schon beim Morgengrau'n sowie beim Dämmerschein
Schaut's mich an, Erika.
Und dann ist es mir, als spräch' es laut:
Denkst du auch an deine kleine Braut?
In der Heimat weint um dich ein Mägdelein
Und das heißt: Erika. English lyrics:
On the heath there grows a little flower
And its name is Erika
A hundred thousand little bees
Swarm around Erika
Because her heart is full of sweetness,
Her flowery dress gives off a tender scent
On the heath there grows a little flower
And its name is Erika
2. In the homeland lives a little farm maid
And her name is Erika
This girl is my true treasure
And my luck, Erika
When the flower on the heath blooms lilac red,
I sing her this song in greeting.
On the heath there grows a little flower
And its name is Erika
3. Another little flower blooms in my small room
And its name is Erika
In the first rays of the morning and in the twilight
It looks at me, Erika
And it seems to me it speaks aloud:
Are you still thinking of your little bride?
Back home a farm maid weeps for you
And her name is Erika.
This name also exists in Japanese with no connections to any Scandinavian meanings, but with whatever kanji are assigned to it.
I like grace village song 恵里歌.
I like this name. It's refreshing and puts an unusual edge on the name 'Erica'.
A famous bearer is American actress Erika Slezak (born August 5, 1946). She is best known for her portrayal of Victoria Lord on the long-running soap opera 'One Life to Live,' a role she's held since 1971. Slezak has won 6 Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series in 1984, 1986, 1992, 1995, 1996, and 2005, with an additional 2 nominations in 1983 and 1988.
Famous bearers:
Czech-Indian singer Erika Fečová
Scandinavian actress Erika Christensen
Czech director Erika Hníková
Listen to the German pronunciation of Erika here:
I like how it's spelled, it looks better than Erica.
I love this name. A good friend of mine has this name. She's Swedish and said that it's a common name in Sweden and Denmark.
Mattel`s Barbie movie character Erika was very popular among children.
I had a friend in elementary school called Erika. I always thought it was just a modern version of a name until I saw this. I like it.
I absolutly agree! I have the same experience as some of you, I always hated this name but I got to love it, nowadays. And, as well, there are people saying, that I look like Erika. :o)
My name is Erika, and I've actually seen it spelled "Airika" a couple of times. I love the etymology of my name!
I like this name. If one had twin girls they could name them Erika and Kiera, which are anagrams!
This is my best friend's name and she is the only person I've ever known called Erika! A lot of our teachers have never taught an Erika before except this one and that shows how uncommon it is and that's good in a name!
Erika is one of the best names you can probably get.
My name. As I've grown up, I've grown to love the name. If your name is Erika, be proud!
I think Erika is so much more pleasing to the ear than its male counterpart, Erik. My favorite spelling of this name has to be Eirika, however uncommon that may be.
Erika is the name of Sophia Myles' character in Underworld (2003).
Erika means "brave warrior" or "brave leader." In German, it also refers to a flowering plant roughly equivalent to heather.
This is common in Sweden, but few know that it means heather in Latin, it is thought of as a female form of Erik.
Erika is a lovely and classic name. Too bad the American soap opera ruined it's traditional image a bit and made it briefly trendy in the 70s, as it's an extremely old Scandinavian name. Either way, it is still a beautiful and sophisticated choice, and very underused these days.
I love this name. My name is Erika and I used to hate it, but now I think it's beautiful.
This name is also used in Japan, although I believe it's simply a borrowing of the English Erika and not an original Japanese formation.

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