There's this one part in George Formby's song "I Did What I Could With My Gas Mask" where he mentions his Aunt Ermintrude (I'm not sure if he *did* have an Aunt Ermintrude). It goes like this:

To see old Echstein's (unintelligible)
Adam in the nude
I once thought I'd go with my Aunt Ermintrude
And when she sniffed and said
"How very rude"
Still, he knows what to do with his gas mask.
I like old names  10/25/2020
This name is really ugly. No redeeming qualities at all.
kayisforkeen  9/12/2018
Ermentrude of Orleans, Queen of the Franks and wife to Holy Roman Emperor / King of West Francia, her mother was named Engeltrude. She and her husband Charles had ten children.
Ermintrude, also known as Erminethrudis, was a nun from Merovingian aristocracy, known for leaving a will that gives an example of the times. There is an Ermintrude in Terry Pratchet's novel Nation. In Georgette Heyer's mystery book, "No Wind of Blame," there is a character named Ermyntrude.

The name means: Entirely Beloved and Entire Strength. Although, through the Germanic god of war (Ermen), the name could also mean: Ermen's Maiden. Ermine, a possible root connection to the name Ermintrude; is a weasel, once known as a white mouse, and its pelts were used on royal robes and garbs. Ermine is also a stout-bodied moth that has cream or white wings with black spots, known for being a hairy caterpillar.

-- The name, which is sadly not heard today, deserves more attention by parents. A rare treasure and delight. The name offers a fuller name option, a little fusty, yet frilly and lavish, while having transcended many decades and generations. A wonderful option to put on all documentations and certifications with many familiar and short name options that range from girly to fun and quirky.

--The names has oodles of possible diminutives depending on the spelling of the full name; Irmintrude/Ermyntrude/Ermintrude: Emma, Emmy, Emmie, Immy, Imma, Irma, Ina, Inna, Ida, Trudie, Trudy, Rudy, Rudie, Ermina, Erminia, Erminie, Mina, Minnie, and Minty. Irma is traditionally pronounced EER-mah in other countries, URR-mah in English speaking countries

-- Irma was the name of April's best friend in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," and there is an Irma Pince in Harry Potter. Irma is also a character in The Adventures of Tintin. There was a radio show, a television and movie, "My Friend Irma." 40's, 50's & 60's Irma was a popular name, Trudy is much more friendly and familiar form today than Irma. Immy and Emma are quite nice options and may blend with those names of children seen in school rooms today.
― Anonymous User  9/15/2014
This name is an inside joke of sorts with me and my friend because of how bad it is.
FlakyMatt  4/17/2011
I think this is a rather wonderful name, although, unfortunately, vastly underused in English. I always imagine that a girl with this name would end up being a horticulturalist of sorts. :-)
walesgal92  12/15/2010
I think it's less harsh-sounding than Gertrude (a name I would NEVER use), but it has the word "intrude" in it. Which is just a *mean* name to give to your child!
― Anonymous User  12/27/2009
What a wonderful name! It has an 'old money' feel to it, which not many could pull off or understand.
vomiting  11/6/2009
I've never heard of anyone with this name, and I have to say that it makes Gertrude sound rather cute. It's got a hideous first syllable and a hideous last syllable, and the ''min'' in the middle sounds like crap with the two other syllables anyway. The name sounds like it dates back some 300 years.
slight night shiver  5/23/2008
Please don't hurt your child by naming them this.
― Anonymous User  9/13/2006

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