First heard of this name through Diana Wynne Jones' book Archer's Goon. Thought it was made up until I saw it here.
I like this name, I always had a preference for rare names. If you name your child Erskine, you can place a safe bet that your child will be the only person in the school named that.
Is pronounced "air-sken" in Scotland.
My cousin pronounces this name URR-skin.
Erskine Caldwell (1903-1987) was an American author whose writings about poverty, racism and social problems in his native South like the novels Tobacco Road and God's Little Acre won him critical acclaim, but they also made him controversial among fellow Southerners of the time who felt he was deprecating the people of the region.
The Scottish town (and the surname, when in Scotland) are pronounced ER-skin, not 'skyne'.
Erskine "Skinny" Slidell, cop and minor character from Kathy Reichs' Temperence Brennan books (my personal favorite).
I'm not really sure why I like this name. It just has some sort of charm about it that isn't normally found in boys' names. Maybe it's the final "E" -- I like "Peregrine" as well.

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