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Gender Masculine
Scripts اسفندیار(Persian)
Pronounced Pron. ehs-fan-dee-YAWR(Persian)
Other Forms FormsEsfandiyar, Esfandyar, Espandiyar, Isfandiar, Isfandiyar

Meaning & History

Modern Persian form of Sepandiar, which was the early New Persian form of the Middle Persian name Spandadat. The latter name ultimately comes from the Avestan name Spentodata, which means "given by (the) holy". It is derived from Avestan spenta meaning "holy" combined with Avestan data meaning "given".

Esfandiar was the name of a prince from Persian legend, who was killed by the warrior hero Rostam. The 11th-century Persian poet Ferdowsi recorded his tale in the epic poem "Shahnameh".

A known real-life bearer of the name is the Iranian politician Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei (b. 1960).
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