Eudoxia is actually directly derived from the Greek noun εὐδοξία (Eudoxia) meaning "good repute, honour" - rather than from the adjective εὔδοξος (eudoxos): (in English)

Also compare the masculine names Eudoxos (ancient Greek) and Eudoxios (late Greek) in the Submitted Names Database. [noted -ed]
This name is pretty. I first saw Eudoxie, but Eudoxia is also nice. You never hear names like this.
Eudoxia Streshneva was the second wife of Michael I of Russia, the first Romanov Tsar. Their last daughter was also named Eudoxia, but she died young.
This name is quirky and over the top. With the nickname Dox, I think that it can be downright cute.
Eudoxia Lopukhina, first wife of Peter the Great of Russia.

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