Gim Un-chi is a Korean curler. She plays fourth stones for Kim Ji-sun on the Korean national women's curling team. Gim played as lead in her first world championship at the 2011 Capital One World Women's Curling Championship along with skip Kim Ji-sun. At the 2012 Ford World Women's Curling Championship, South Korea made history by winning the most games ever in history and made the playoffs for the first time. They eliminated Canada to advance to the semifinal, but lost a close game against eventual champions Switzerland. They then lost another close game to the Canadians in the bronze medal game, finishing in fourth place. Their fourth-place finish ensured them a spot in the 2014 Winter Olympics, even though South Korea did not qualify for the 2013 World Championships. At the Olympics, Gim played in the third and fourth positions, and the Korean team finished in eighth place with a 3–6 win-loss record.
Lim Eun-ji is a South Korean pole vaulter. She is the current South Korean national record holder in the event indoors and a former outdoor record holder. Having previously competed in the 100 metres hurdles, triple jump, and heptathlon, Lim competed in the pole vault for the first time in December 2007. She quickly improved over a period of ten months, breaking the national junior record in Gwangju with a vault of 4.10 metres in October 2008. She soon began challenging the senior records, taking the indoor national record with a jump of 4.24 m in March 2009.
Jo Eun-ji is a South Korean actress. She debuted in the gritty Im Sang-soo film Tears, and has since become better known for her supporting roles on film and television, such as in The President's Last Bang, My Scary Girl, Forever the Moment, and The Concubine. She was also the leading actress in the indies Driving with My Wife's Lover, and Sunshine Love.
Jung Eun-Ji is the main singer of the K-Pop group APink.

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