Essie, Frona and Syna could be nicknames.
It's very beautiful.
This was Saint Catherine of Siena's childhood nickname, so if you're a Euphrosyne you have at least two possible saint namesakes.
I have personally had this name for 52 years and I adore it. I often see it misspelled or hear it mispronounced but when you finally hear someone who says it effortlessly and with conviction, it is simply beautiful to hear. It is pronounced exactly as it is spelled but you oftentimes have people add extra to it. It's easier to phonetically pronounce my name so that others can catch on and actually see that it is not that difficult of a name.
There is a Russian saint named St. Euphrosyne. She is commemorated on September 25.
My cousin has this name but she pronounces it in Greek: ef-ro-SEE-nee.
The Polish form of this name is Eufrozyna, and the Portuguese form is Eufrosina. One of my Polish great-great-grandmothers was named Eufrozyna, though she changed it when she moved to Brazil.
Marie Spartali Stillman (1844-1927), the Pre-Raphaelite painter, was born Marie Euphrosyne Spartali. Her mother was named Euphrosyne, called "Effie", and Marie named her only daughter Euphrosyne "Effie". From Wikipedia: "Marie and her cousins Maria Zambaco and Aglaia Coronio were known collectively among friends as 'the Three Graces', after the Charites of Greek mythology (Aglaia, Euphrosyne and Thalia), as all three were noted beauties of Greek heritage."
Pronounced yoo-FROH-sih-nee.
I think this is kind of a cool name. I can't picture anyone actually having it.

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