Comes from Basque 'euri' meaning "rain." Euri is more often used, being in use since at least the 2000s, compared to Euria where I've only found one hit on Forebears and one FB profile (in this case, written as Euría). [noted -ed]
Pronunciations is [ew-REE-a]. [noted -ed]
While the name is elegant pronounced in the original Basque, I suspect the unfavorable comments are from people pronouncing this name how Eu- beginning names are usually pronounced in English, which is with a Y sound. Said that way, Euria would be pronounced like "urea," which is a main chemical substance present in urine. (This is why someone said Euria sounded "rude.") This association in Anglophone countries is... unfortunate.
Pronounced OO-ree-ah.
Pretty meaning, sort of icky sound. Too bad.
It sounds like something rude!

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