I don't like the name as much but I love the Mythology.
This is my daughter's name. She is named after my favorite moon and my husband's favorite Santana song. Her nickname, which she chose, is Ropie. Lol she loves and adores her name and is thankful for how special it is.
Her sister's name is Hailey from Hallie's Comet. Lol.
Heavenly! I love the meaning and history section, it's so cooooooool.
Eh. Not fitting at all for a real person, but it would work for a fictional robot/cyborg from space, in my opinion.
Not as bad as Europe, but still weird.
Europa Anguissola was a 16th century Italian painter, but gave up painting after marriage. Her sisters Sofonisba, Elena, Lucia and Anna Maria also took up painting. Like Europa, Anna Maria gave up painting after marriage. Elena became a nun and Lucia died pretty young, but Sofonisba became famous. They also had a sister Minerva, who became a scholar, and a brother Asdrubale, who did not practice art.
Very beautiful, but its meaning is laughable and its similarity to Europe puts me off.
This sounds ridiculous as a name and would be quite strange in Europe, since this is the name of the continent in many languages. And it's a rather snooty name as well.
Well, this is the continent I live on, along with around 731,000,000 other people. And "Europa" is Europe in most European languages. I'm surprised to find that it comes from Greek mythology - and even more surprised that it means "wide face"! Here, it would seem strange as a name, but it's not like it's a social taboo or anything. I quite like Europa, but I wouldn't say it's one of my favourite names. The sound doesn't appeal to me that much (though it does sound prettier in other languages).
This is the continent I live on. Perfect name for an animal (cat, dog, bird, whatever), not a human child. Not here, anyways.
I wouldn't name my daughter this, as the Europa is a hotel in Belfast. There was a program about it on BBC NI called Lobby Lives. It was the most bombed hotel in Europe, and it's very popular with celebrities. It's a cool name though, and a cool hotel.
This is truly a lovely name, and seeing as this is the name of a Hellenic princess makes me love the name even more.
Well, if you plan on using this name, just bear in mind that it sounds very strange in Europe. It's not something you would go by in any European country, and it sounds quite ugly to me.
Europe (Europa) was a beautiful princess that was taken by Zeus as his wife.
I think this name is really pretty.

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