As a name this sounds odd.
People! This is not the continent name, it actually is a Greek name.
That’s gonna be a no for me.
Um... no.
And I thought Asia was bad. What's next, Africa?
YUR-əp in English.
You'd be so famous if you had the same name as the continent. 100% European name.
Very tacky. This is the name of a continent, for crying out loud.
The continent was named after the mythological character. Pronounced YOO-rup or uh-ROH-peh.
Europe derives from the Greek word (mythology): ΕΥΡΩΠΗ.
This name itself has the following two Greek components:
ΕΥΡΕΙΑ-ΟΠΗ > ΕΥΡΕΙΑ-ΟΨΗ = wide-face, sight, indicating the moon.
It's just a mythological character. No normal person would use it for a child so there is no need to note how weird it would be as a name.
I don't like this name, but it's so much better then America (yet worse than Asia).
To the person who said 'it's ridiculous to name your kid after a continent,' this is just a form of the name Europa, and it has little or nothing to do with the continent.

Personally, I like this name, but I think Europa's slightly better.
Europe (the continent) is called Europa in many languages.
No way. Why would you name your kid after a continent? Even worse, given Europe's grim history and current political situation, it sounds awful as a name.
Honestly, I don't think there is any place in the world with a 100%-clean history. In that case, you may as well hate all place names.

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