I am not a fan of the spelling but I do love the meaning. This name is definitely unique and virtually unheard of in America.
Euterpe, was the Muse of music and was known to entertain the gods on Mount Olympus. Her name means "Giver of much delight". She inspired poets, authors, and dramatists and is usually depicted holding or playing an aulos.
Pronounced yoo-TIR-pee.
I played Euterpe in a school play. It's a pretty name but definitely not for a child!
Euterpe is the scientific name for the Açaí, a palm fruit native to the Amazon region.
The name Euterpe (Efterpi) comes from the word Eu (Ef)(=fine) and the word terpsis(=delight). An other form of it is Effie. The muse of the flute art had this name.
It's a unique name that you don't hear every day. It really has a deep meaning.

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