There are many women named Evadne in Greek mythology, not just the one in the tragic story described here. Wife of Argus (founding king of Argos), for example.
The à la mode "Ev" sound makes this a splendid choice in a world of Evelyns, Evangelines and Everlys.
This is cool.
Changed my mind: It looks like evade. Not a good look.
This is my name and I know for a fact that it is pronounced eh-vad-nee. I have Greek relatives and that is how they and I say it.
Ugh, no.
In Cretan dialect, hadne was how the word hagne was pronounced, meaning "pure". Another example of this is the name Ariadne. Hagne is a name too; spelled Agnes in its English form. Thus, the meaning of Euadne or Evadne is "good and pure" or "good maiden". [noted -ed]
I believe the second element to be αδνος (adnos)- "chaste, holy".
Evadne Price (1888-1985) was an Australian writer. Her birth name was Eva Grace Price.
The name can be pronounced ee-VAD-nee or eh-VAD-neh and originates in Greece.
Pronounced "ee-VAD-nee".
The name means "good and holy," since the 'eu' element is derived from the Greek word for "good," and the 'adne' element is derived from *adnos*, the Greek word for "holy."
I first read this name in the book "Helen of Troy", and I loved it right away. Evadne is a beautiful, feminine name with a lyrical quality to it. Very pretty and unique.
Evadne is a character in the novel "Helen of Troy" by Margaret George.
I think this is a really cool name. I have a friend who has several cousins with this name, and she actually bears a modern, Anglicized variation of the name: Evanthia. I don't know if it's common in Greece but several members of her family, going back generations have the names Evanthia or Evadne.

Very unique and pretty.
Evanthia is not an Anglicized variation of Evadne, it's a completely different name.
It has a really depressive origin, but it's a great name. The spelling reminds me of Evangeline, which reminds me of Nanny McPhee, which is a cute movie.
Evadne Baker played Sister Bernice in The Sound of Music.
This is the name of a character is the book "The Knight and the Dove," by Lori Wick.
I've never heard this name before - it's so pretty and wonderful! Very unique!

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