I hate the "leen" part. Just use Eveline or Evelyn.
Just use Evelyn.
Too many e’s, just use Evelyn or Eveline.
This spelling looks weird. I prefer Eveline.
The ee spelling makes it look bad.
Sounds like eleven.
I would name my daughter Eveleen Rowena or Eveleen Faye. I really love Eveleen, more then Evangeline and much more then Evelyn.
What a beautiful name, it's so much better than Evelyn, it has lots of E's but it's still very beautiful. I don't like names with a lyn in them sorry. :(
It's so much more prettier than Evelyn. Love it.
Too many e's in my opinion. I think it's so much more beautiful to write it like Evelyn or Eveline. Those are the variants that maintain the integrity of the name, for it really is a wonderful name.
The name Eveleen is so much nicer than Evelyn. However, people prefer Evelyn.

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